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Joke is a very sweet thing, having fun, joking is beneficial for yourself and everyone else. Often people keep joking with their friends. And in this situation the day passes much better no matter how bad the mood is. But when some friends meet, then they feel much more relaxed in having fun. What is the meaning of joke?

what a joke

Joke is a funny conversation, and s can be added to it for plural. That is, jokes.

It is a good thing to joke, the mind of the person who jokes is absolutely fresh. But jokes also have a limit, and one should joke only by staying within this limit. So that the person in front also does not feel bad because sometimes people say many such things in jest. Due to which there is a fight between the people. That’s why you must have fun, but also keep in mind that even in a joke, do not say anything to anyone that makes him feel bad.

And especially it should be kept in mind that one should never make any kind of joke about each other’s life or family or relatives. Because in such a situation you interfere in his personal life which is not fair at all. And joking does not mean always joking. Rather, the right way to joke is to say some funny words on people’s words. Make a funny comment about someone, about something.

And many people joke very absurdly, then they do not care at all that how serious a person is about something. And yes but if you make fun of others with pride and attitude then it is a very wrong thing. Because relations are often broken by such jokes.

You will also get to read jokes on the internet, just search jokes in google, like here are some jokes

The mosquitoes seem to have accepted me as their master




most of the time wrapped around the feet

Telling this above joke when mosquitoes are present will make the people present there laugh.

If you make a funny comment on someone. And he says don’t make fun of me or say anything related to it, then you can comment funny again. Like you can tell them being a bit serious that

Well tell me when someone makes fun of someone then where does the joke go

Although we had given some examples of jokes, but jokes are not learned. Rather, joking is an art which everyone learns by himself.

In this article you learned what is joke and Joke meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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