What is ISRO | ISRO full form

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Today we are going to give very important information in this article. Which very few people know, this is a very interesting topic, everyone should know it. By the way, everyone wants to go to the moon and space. But how is this possible, today we will talk about the same. What is the full form of ISRO?

If you watch news paper or TV, then you must have heard about it somewhere. But whenever it is mentioned, only ISRO is called like this. Doubt remains in the minds of many people regarding its complete form.

What is ISRO

Full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organisation. Its meaning in Hindi is Indian Space Research OrganisationĀ  . It is the National Space Institute of India, it is one of the largest space agency in the world.

The one who studies Space, makes different types of discoveries. Doing research on other planets etc. Also ISRO installs different types of satellites in space. Foreign companies also get their satellites launched in space through ISRO.

ISRO is known for carrying out space missions in a low budget. For example, in Mars mission, ISRO had successfully reached only 73 million dollars. And on the other hand, NASA (American space agency) had spent 671 million dollars in the Mars mission.

Its headquarters is Bangalore, it is responsible for space related programs in India. This technique is also used for the security and development of the country. In India at present many satellites launched by ISRO are working in space. With the continuous hard work and efforts of ISRO, India has become the 6th country in the world to make and launch its own satellite.

ISRO has 6 centers and other laboratories established across the country. ISRO was established on 15 August 1969. India’s first satellite, Aryabhata, was launched into space by the Soviet Union on 19 April 1975. This satellite was named after the great mathematician Aryabhatta, although this satellite stopped working after 5 days. But this in itself was a great achievement for India.

The Indian Space Program was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, who has been called the father of the Indian Space Program.

ISRO full form

Full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organisation. Which works to find out space and existing objects and do research on them.

In this article you learned what is ISRO and ISRO full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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