What is IQ, What is the full form of IQ

You will get to see and hear the word IQ in many places, in images, videos on social media or on blogs. What is IQ, what is the full form of IQ, And if you are a student, then you must have heard about the word IQ. And today we will get information about this i.e. what is IQ, What is the full form of IQ.

For example, in many places the words high IQ, low IQ, IQ%, IQ test etc keep trending. And the meaning of which is to measure the intelligence of a person, to measure the reasoning power. You too must have come across such posts on whatsapp or facebook. In which you must have seen the word “test your IQ”. So if you don’t know what is the full form of IQ, it’s okay, it’s described below.

what is iq, What is the full form of IQ

The full form of IQ  is Intelligence Quotient . IQ is just a word and IQ means intelligence and reasoning power. The better your intelligence and reasoning power, the better your IQ level will be considered.

We can also call them IQ test, which are high level interviews. In which it is not known on which topic the question will be asked from you. On which issue will he go and there is the real test of IQ like is, interview of ips. Because someone’s IQ cannot be measured by just one subject or topic.

Rather take a better decision in any situation after understanding all kinds of thinking. And performing well even at the education level is considered a better IQ. Our environment has a great influence on our IQ.

Suppose if you are from an area where there is lack of education and modernity. And the total population at that place is 1,00,000. So it is difficult to say how many people’s IQ will be better in this. But if these 1,00,000 people live in a location where education is high tech. Big developments keep happening, so it is possible that 80-90% people’s IQ will be better.

Because everyone gets the same brain from birth, but his IQ also depends on the environment of his location. Because our brain stores only the activity happening in our environment.

That’s why it is necessary to have better environment for better IQ. After all, what is the reason that almost all internet companies are from America only. Any one country is known for a particular specialty. Because environment also contributes a lot in environment and development, achievement etc.

However, it is not that IQ will not be better without better environment. Because if it was so then no invention would have happened till now. Because when big inventions were made, the environment was not very good at that time also. So it is clear from this that environment does matter for IQ. But if your thinking and reasoning power is better. So even without better environment you can become an example of high IQ.

what is iq

The full form of IQ is intelligence quotient. Which is known for understanding human thinking and taking case decisions even in adverse circumstances. The higher the IQ of a person, the quicker, more accurate and better that person will be able to make decisions.

You can also see many such applications on the Google Play Store. In which many games have to be played to increase the IQ level. In which you people get different types of tasks, which improve your IQ.

how to increase iq

No person’s IQ level is better by birth. Rather, his ability to think and understand his way of working and his dedication prove to be helpful in increasing his IQ level. You too can increase your IQ level. But increasing the IQ level is not a very easy task. Nor is it a very quick task so it may take some time. And for this you have to keep trying continuously.

  • First of all you have to get enough sleep because first of all it is necessary. For your body and your brain to function well, you need at least 6-7 hours of sleep.
  • You should do such activities every day that put pressure on your mind. That means your brain will have to work so that your IQ level keeps on increasing everyday. Such as solving a puzzle, solving stories or solving questions like reasoning.
  • There should be curiosity in knowing different types of things. Then whether you are in the field of education or you are doing a job or preparing for any competition. So you have to go ahead with the chapters taught during that time. For example, if you are doing a computer course, then you have been told one practical in it. So you should try to do much more practical than that by yourself. One should analyze things from oneself as well. Because when a teacher tells us things, normally we get all the information. But when we try and analyze it by ourselves. So our brain’s ability to think, understand and act increases.
  • If possible, start your day with nutritious food.

In this article you learned what is IQ and What is the full form of IQ. We hope this information will prove useful for you.