What is IP address | IP full form

If you use internet, then sometime you must have faced IP address problem. Like this site’s address could not be found or your IP address has changed etc. But for a normal internet user the IP does not matter much. Because they are never needed, but people doing any specific task on the internet are very well aware of IP. What is IP address?

what is ip address

The full form of IP is  Internet Protocol , IP ie internet protocol was developed to establish a connection between multiple computers. So that multiple computers can be connected together. and exchange of information. And it started with the development of IP. Because of internet it was possible to connect multiple devices through tcp/ip.

And internet also means the same thing i.e. interconnected network. We had told in the previous article that what is the full form of internet. Read it you will get complete information about internet, internet and IP are not different things. Because IP establishes connection between multiple computers, and that connection is called internet.

Because when people use internet. So that user device i.e. from the IP of mobile/computer, a connection is made to the server of that website through IP. The ISP works in establishing a connection between the user and the server of that website which he wants to access.

Because directly we cannot access any remotely located server. Then even if we do not have its complete data, details. Rather, a connection is required that helps us to access the IP of that website. Which is connected to that server and in this case isp helps us.

Whatever the website is, it runs on an IP only, although it was a bit hard to use and remember the IP. That’s why the domain name system is used, and users have no idea at all. That they are collecting information from an IP. Because IP is used only for connection, the rest of the contents are run on the domain.

If you are still confused, then try opening this IP. This IP address belongs to google. When you open this IP, it will take you to google.

In the same way all devices have IP, whether it is a phone or computer etc. Because without IP the interconnected network is not possible. And if you want to check the IP of your computer or mobile. So you can google search “What is my ip” your IP address will show.

Can internet companies see my IP when using internet?

Yes of course, if you are using internet. And if you are visiting any website, then it can see your IP. Even he can save your IP. And any command can be given through that webpage on your IP. In the same way webpages also work, internet companies can easily check. How many times their webpages have been opened, and by which IP has been opened.

Can IP address be blocked as well?

Yes any internet company can block your IP. Due to which you will not be able to access that website. Those who have blocked you, although no website blocks any IP, because every website wants it. That he get more customers. But due to some suspicious conditions or inactivity or unusual traffic, your IP can also be blocked.

How to hide my IP so that no one can see my IP while using internet

Its best option is vpn because no one will be able to trace you using vpn. After all who are you and where are you from. Because using vpn your IP address is not used for any task. Rather, the IP of the vpn provider is used for connection.

If you use vpn then no website, isp etc. will be able to see your IP. And the biggest thing is that you will be able to use those contents and services as well. Which are banned in your country.

However, to view that content, that country has to be selected for the vpn connection. The country in which that content is not banned.

How many types of IP address are there

There are 4 types of IP address and in two versions

  • Public – This is such an IP address. Which is for multiple devices, when you connect your devices through a router or hotspot. So all the devices that are connected to that router will have the same IP address.
  • Private – Private IP address is called that which is present in private devices. Like mobile, computer, tablet because these IP addresses cannot be seen by any other person. However if you visit a website. So that website and isp can see your IP.
  • Static – This is an IP that is used for servers. Different IPs are assigned by all websites. Or shared static IP is used by many sites.
  • Dynamic – Dynamic IP is the IP that connects you to the internet. And this IP change keeps on happening but normal users do not get to know about this. But if you are the site admin, and have ever entered your cpanel. So you must have faced that you must have been logged out due to IP change.


  • IPv4 – IPv4 was the first version of the internet protocol. Because of its development, it was possible to connect all the devices with each other. mostly this is used.
  • IPv6 – It was invented in 1994 which is more advanced than ipv4.

Are you a website owner or want to create website ip

As we have already told that internet connection is based on IP only. So all websites also run on one IP, so the way all our devices have different IP addresses. Different IP is not necessary for websites because many websites run on single IP too. Which are called shared IP. That is, many website owners have shared that single IP, but this is mostly done by beginners.

Because all professional websites use dedicated IP means dedicated IP. An IP that is completely owned by a single person and can do whatever he wants with that IP.

There is no extra charge for shared IP, but extra payment has to be done for dedicated IP. Although this happens on small hosting plans. While everyone gets free IP address on avergae and big plans.

what is the ip address of my phone

Just search in google “what is my IP” you will see the IP address of your phone.

In this article you learned what is IP address and IP full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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