What is internet | Internet meaning

Internet is absolutely compatible for every work, and you are also one of them. who use the internet. The full form of Internet is interconnected network. What is internet

what is internet

The full form of Internet is  interconnected network . It is a network that consists of many high performance computers. Which we know by the name of server, although the Internet is called that process. Which makes connection in them and exchanges data by connecting more than one computer. And the Internet is mainly IP based.

However for normal networking you use sim card of telecom companies. And through these you also use the internet. But apart from this network, another important protocol works to connect computers, that is TCP / IP.

The Internet is run entirely through coding. Their services are made through coding only. Which we use, coding is done from many programming languages. Like Java, php, python, javascript, css, html etc.

Internet is a great need of the world, because at this time almost every work is done through internet only.

Interconnected network means a network that connects different devices together. And any user can collect data from any device at any time. Which is ip based but data can be collected from the same devices which are host configured. All websites are hosted on a computer. Like we store different types of files in our computer. But host servers are advanced. Much more advanced technology is used in them than a normal computer.

Whatever data we access through internet, whatever process we do, it operates through a computer only. Which is called server. Although the internet is free, but we get recharged for monthly internet. So this recharge is not of internet but of internet connection. That is, when you recharge, the ISP provides you with an interconnected network. So that you can access the data present on the Internet.

And the internet doesn’t belong to any one person, no one person owns the internet. Rather, the Internet is an open service, that is, any person can develop his program on the Internet. For which domain and host are required. All the data is saved in the host, and this host is accessed by the domain. And any person can access the same content present on the Internet, which will be publicly available.

Although the Internet is helpful, but in some conditions the Internet also proves to be harmful. For example, if small children use the Internet, then they can have a lot of trouble with it. Because as helpful as the internet is. It is equally harmful, because there are many adult and fake, spam content on the Internet. Which can harm small children. And if they do not have special knowledge, then they can also become victims of hacking.

Because at this time internet plans are also very cheap. And due to covid-19, the use of online study has increased a lot. And internet is completely suitable not only in study but for all other types of tasks. Like shopping, entertainment, gaming etc. So if there was no internet, students would have been deprived of studies during the lockdown. But because of the internet, study sitting at home is possible.

how to run internet

People who have Computer or Android Phone. Those people often use internet in their phones, so the idea of ​​using internet also comes in your mind.

New users of Computer or Android Phone have this problem a lot. Internet is very easy to use. To use the Internet, we need some things, through which we use the Internet. To use the Internet, we need a Computer or Android Phone and Internet Network. Through which we connect the Internet to Computer or Android Phone with you. After connecting the Internet to the computer, we need a browser to use the Internet from our computer. Through which we run the Internet.

You can use any browser to access the Internet. Nowadays the most used browser is chrome. You can also use chrome browser if you want. And you can use wifi, hotspot, broadband and cable connection to connect to the Internet network. After doing all this, you can use the Internet by opening your browser. If you want to watch movie using internet. So you can watch online. You can use the internet to use every online platform.

Uses of Internet

The way you do many types of work physically in different areas in your daily life . In the same way, you can use internet in different sectors. Nowadays, all the companies are using internet to sell or buy the products of their different sectors. You can create a website of your own using the internet. In which you can give information about all your sectors.

Everyone is running the internet today but very few people are able to use it properly. When you are an internet user, why not use it properly. And keeping all these things in mind, I will tell you to make your life better. How can you use internet in different sectors, and where can you do it?

use of internet in study

If you are a student then internet can be very beneficial for you. You can use internet to do your studies. Understand that internet is no less than a boon for students. You can get all kinds of information related to your studies on the internet. You will find many such websites on google where only things related to education are available. You can read by visiting those websites and here you will get all this knowledge for free. But there is some such website. Where money has to be paid to read some things.

youtube is such an online platform, where you will get almost all types of information related to your studies. That too absolutely free, you will not have to pay any money for this. Whatever class you are a student of, you will get all kinds of knowledge related to your subject. For example, suppose you are a student of 10th class and you have to study maths. So you search by writing 10th class math on youtube. You will get many math lectures in the form of videos which you can understand. If you want to read a particular chapter of Maths, then you can read it by searching the name of that chapter on YouTube. Not only this, you will get the video of every subject here so that you can learn it well.

You can also read through a particular app using the internet. Nowadays there are many apps where online teaching is done. Like exampur app, remind app, unacademy app, vedantu app, text book app, byju’s app etc. Many other institutes have their own apps, which we can use, some classes are free in all these apps. But most of the classes are paid, one has to pay money to attend them.

If you are a teacher then you can use internet to teach children online. You can teach children through different mediums. Like you can teach by creating a website or through an app like youtube, zoom app, or through any particular app.

Earning from internet

If you use the Internet, then you will also know a little about it that we can also earn by using the Internet. Because there are many people who are earning good money from home by using internet properly. They do not need to work in any factory or any other place. Earning money from internet is very easy as you work in any company. Even if half of that time is spent on Internet to earn money. So believe me, you will earn more money than that job through internet only.

You can earn money from Google by using internet, you can create your own website or you can start a blogging website. You can buy or sell any of your products using the Internet. You can earn money from youtube by using internet. If we talk overall by uploading videos on youtube, how to earn from internet. So like by creating your own website, youtube, through any app, through affiliate marketing, through freelancing, through stock marketing,  you can earn from internet.

online transaction from internet

We can also do online transaction using internet. Many people are now adopting this process because it is very easy and safe to do online transactions through the internet. We can send money to anyone sitting at home by using internet. And we can take money from anyone, through this we can also deposit money in the bank. You must have noticed many times that many people buy goods from a shop. So those people do not make cash payment. Rather, they give money to the shopkeeper through the phone itself. So this is what we call online transaction. We need some medium for online transaction. With the help of which we transfer the money. To transfer money, some apps and websites are used, such as – PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon pay, Net Banking, etc. You can do online transactions using mediums. I would like to tell you this once again,

online News

The way you buy newspapers from the newspaper seller everyday to read the news. You read more news, but even then you read the previous news one day. Even if you use internet, you can read daily news in phone. With the use of internet, you can see and read the news of the same day and you can get every moment news of the events happening in the country. With the use of internet, you can read news on youtube, news app or on any website. For this you can search on Google or read live news.

online Entertainment

You can also do entertainment using internet, you can watch a good movie. Or watch a comedy. And you can also listen to your favorite song, Internet has become the best source of entertainment. On which people entertain a lot. For this you can join youtube or you can also use google for entertainment. Nowadays, many apps have been launched for online entertainment, on which you can entertain, these apps work in such a way that even if you watch videos in it throughout the day, you will not be bored. Let me tell some apps for example like tik-tok app, zilli app, share chat, moj, Mx takatak, Hotstar, likee etc. are very fun online entertainment apps.

free internet access

If you also want to enjoy free internet. And if you think this all the time, then you must have heard about it from your friends or from many other places. By doing this you can use free internet in your phone. And you must have received message many times in your phone that you can run free internet in this way. For this you will find many apps on playstore. In which it will be claimed that use the Internet for free. And you download it, and try many times but your internet does not work for free. And you are worried about running free internet. So today I would like to tell you in a clear way that you can never use internet for free. By downloading an app or through a website, you people should not worry about it, that we will get to run internet for free through any app, it will never happen.

internet in laptop

Like phone, we can also use internet on laptop. To use internet on laptop we need some things. Through which we can use internet in our laptop. Like Internet Connection, Web Browser and some others about which we will talk one by one.

Internet Connection

If we have to run internet in our laptop, then internet connection is required. Without internet, we cannot search anything online in our laptop. To connect internet to laptop, we can connect internet to laptop using hotspot, broadband or cable connection. And continuously we can use internet in our laptop whenever we want.

Web Browser

To run internet in laptop, it is necessary to have internet connection as well as web browser. Without Browser, we will not be able to run even after accessing Internet Connection. Because a browser is required to run the Internet. Through which we can connect to google. Nowadays the most used web browser is chrome. Apart from this, you can use many browsers. According to your convenience, although chrome is a very good web browser, if you want, you can also like it.

  • Internet Explorer.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Safari.
  • Opera.
  • Konqueror .
  • Lynx.

All these web browsers can also be used to run the internet.

Use of other software as required

You can also use other software as per your requirement. For example, if you want to watch movies, you can use software like MX Player or Hotstar. In this way, you can use software like flipkart and amazon to do online shopping from the internet. You will get many more different software.

who owns the internet

There is no single owner of the Internet, rather any Internet Service Provider is the owner of its website only. And any person in the whole world can make his website?

who invented the internet

The Internet was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.

From this article you learned what is Internet and Internet meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.