What is Hotel

Hotel refers to a building or a collection of some rooms, which are given on rent. The rent of a hotel room is higher than the rent of a normal home room.

what is hotel

A hotel is a building, or a house of some rooms, which is given on rent to people. And there is staff for maintenance and services. People book hotel rooms mostly for a short period. The specialty of the hotel is that you get a room even for a day. Or if you want, you can book the room for more days also. hotel meaning hindi is a place to stay and eat temporarily.

There are also many such buildings in which people are given rooms on rent. But there is no staff in them. And no services are also available, just rooms are given. And everything else has to be managed by yourself, and they cost much less than hotel rooms. And in such buildings, rooms are not available for short periods. Rather, rooms in such buildings are given on rent for a long time.

But the biggest feature of the hotel is that 24 hotel staff are present in the hotel, and they can take rooms whenever they want. And you can checkout whenever you want, rooms are available in these for shortest time and for long time. There are many types of hotels and different types of services are available in them. And according to his services, his rent is also affected.

Which is the oldest hotel in the world

Although many hotels in the world may have been built many times long ago, it is difficult to say exactly which hotel would have been built first. And what would be his name? Because often hotels keep starting, and many hotels also close. Because they can’t do their business. But the oldest hotel in the world that exists at the present time is Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan (Japan)

And this hotel is recorded in the Guinness World Record. We cannot say axactly whether there was a hotel before this hotel was built or not. They may have been there and they have stopped in no time, anything can happen. But the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is the oldest hotel in the world that still exists.

what are the types of hotels

There are different types of hotels around the world, in which different types of services are available. Hotels are built with different types of designs. Which starts from normal hotel till vip, vvip hotels.

The hotel is run by an individual, company, bussinessman etc., and their budget also depends in this. What kind of services they can provide, how much best hotel they can make. Hotels have been made into different types of categories based on their design, location services.

Star Hotel

Although everyone usually knows the hotel, but often people have confusion about star hotels, what are star hotels. Can only star people go to those hotels.

Being associated with a star does not mean that the hotel is for any vip, vvip etc. Rather that star means the services and quality of that hotel. All hotels decide the star with their hotels according to the services of their hotel.

Star hotels range from 1 – 5 stars, as the hotels increase their services. Their rating also increases, as you rate apps on playstore. Stars also mean their quality in the hotel.

By the way, there are many such hotels, which are also without stars. This is just because their services are very low. But when we enter the world of star hotels then 1 star hotel is the lowest hotel. And 5 star hotel is the hotel of the most hotel quality. But maybe now you will think that many hotels are also known by the name of 7 star hotel.

By the way, all the services are available in a 5 star hotel, that is, the rating of the same hotel is 5 star. Which provide top level services. And provide almost all types of services. But after that they come to those hotels of the world. Which are the top hotels in the world, whose services are better than 5 star hotels.

for example

  • Burj Al Arab (United Arab Emirates) Average 128000 INR (1753 USD) Per night
  • Signiel Seoul (South Korea) Average 30000 INR (410 USD) Per night
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur, India) Average 37000 INR (506 USD) Per night
  • Taj Falaknuma Palace (India) Average 28000 INR (384 USD) Per night
  • signiel seoul (South Korea) Average 30000 INR (410 USD) Per night

The rates of 7 star hotels are very high, a person doing a normal job can never go to this 7 star hotel. Because as much as his monthly salary. More than that, the cost of 7 star hotels is per day.

Although not all 7 star hotels are necessarily expensive, so if you are planning to stay in 7 star. So you can search, you will also find cheap 7 star hotel which will cost around 10000 INR (135 USD) per night. However, this is also not a very small amount. Many people are not able to earn that much in a month, so for such a day’s stay, it will be a very expensive deal.

But yes, if you do not have such a budget, then you can consider a low rating hotel. You can consider hotels without rating. Those hotels are also very luxurious and that too at low prices.


Motel Motel Hotels are mainly located on the roadside. However any type of hotel can be near the road. A hotel will not be called a motel just because it is on the side of the road. Rather, the services of a motel are somewhat different from the usual hotel.

Motels are present near the road as petrol pumps are present near the road, parking facility is available in the motel. Because the main purpose of the motel is from the travelers. Those who travel by their own vehicle.

Because if it is a matter of other travellers, they can stay at any hotel anywhere. But those travelers who travel by their own vehicle. He prefers to stay at the hotel near the road. Since these travelers are traveling by their own vehicle. So they also need a parking zone.

Motels can also be of different types. Like more best services or less services, motel refers to Motor + Hotel, that is, such a hotel is called a motel, which gives the option of vehicle parking.

Capsule Hotel

Such hotels are called capsule hotels because their rooms are of very small size. However, capsule hotels are present in different sizes in different places. In many places their size is very small. So small that you can lie down in it very easily, but it can be a little difficult to sit down.

And in some places, the size of the capsule hotel is bigger, the height and width of the capsule of large size is about 5 feet. This is the highest size of capsule hotel, capsule hotel also has rooms. But there are many capsule boxes under a room, in which a person can lie down and sleep.

Youth Hotel (Hostel)

This type of hotel is specially designed for the students, as not all the students can afford the usual hotel expenses. Because the student does not even have any source of earning. And students have to live as well as do their studies. Whose expenses are handled by their family, and their family also has different types of expenses.

So in such a situation it is very difficult for a middle class family to handle the expenses of a normal hotel. Which is the best option, youth hotels ie hostels, and hostels are also of different types, their arrangement is also similar to capsule hotel, so that their cost is less.

Many youth hotels also have food arrangements, and many youth hotels do not have food arrangements. Students can choose hostel as per their convenience. Hostels are also provided by many colleges.

Folating Hotel

Floating hotels are kind of ship based. Although their services are also of different types in different floating hotels. But these hotels are not on the ground like normal hotels. Rather keep on floating on the water. So that the customers present in these hotels feel a different class. You will definitely like this hotel very much.

The biggest advantage of floating hotel is that this hotel will make you visit different places. You will be taken to such places where there is water everywhere. Although all floating hotels have different policies, which floating hotel shares where. You can book after knowing and enjoy it.

Floating hotels means water ships. Those who are designed for the hotel, and make lions, they are no less than a paradise. I would recommend, definitely enjoy this type of hotel once. Yes, but their cost can be a bit high. If you plan about floating hotel for long distance, then it will cost more and short distance will cost less. But you will get a wonderful pleasure of being in it.

underwater hotel

There are also hotels in many places, which are under water. The roof and walls of this type of hotel are also transparent, and also opaque because there are different types of services, so there are different designs for everyone. The room has large windows and is transparent. So that the customer feels. It cannot be defined, these hotels are quite a luxury.

over water

There are many such hotels in the world. Such hotels will be found everywhere. middle class hotels, high class hotels, luxury hotels, floating hotels. Yes, you will also find such hotels above the water which keep on floating. Which we have mentioned above.

Farmhouse Hotel

Since the agricultural area is very tempting, many people spend some of their time in such places too. To enjoy the agricultural areas, we go to such places. There are large scale hotels in different agricultural locations. But hotels are also present at low level in many agricultural locations. Where along with the arrangement of food, some rooms are also available.

These hotels are very tempting, the atmosphere here is very pleasing. Definitely you would like to spend some time like this, this type of hotel can be run by individual family also. And there are staff too, it depends on the owner how he wants to run that hotel.

Pension Hotel

These hotels are also there in almost all countries. But their services are not the same everywhere. Since these hotels are run by an individual family, these hotels are residential. Since this hotel is run by an individual family at a personal location. So the pension hotel can be a bit limited in many places.

Many pension hotels have food and drink arrangements. But in many places there is only arrangement for accommodation and not food. Since these are run individually, then their cost is in the budget of every person.

Classic Hotel

Although all hotels are best for a specific condition, some are more of the best quality. Those whose cost would have been more, some less and all are in different types of environments and locations. But the number of classic hotels is the highest in the world. Because people then make plans to learn in other hotels. And go to those hotels, when they have a desire to travel in that type of environment.

But the classic hotel is the home of most people. Because regardless of the purpose for which people are traveling, they find many classic hotels around. Their quality is also very good. They also have different rates for different hotels.

Some classic hotels have restaurants and some don’t. But it doesn’t make much difference. Because whether there is a restaurant in the hotel or not, many restaurants are found nearby. But the advantage of having an internal restaurant in the hotel is that room services are also available.

And classic hotel rentals are also in everyone’s budget. Hotels of the best quality are available in around 1000 – 3000.

hotel cost

The cost of the hotel depends on many things, there are many such hotels, which you will get at the lowest price. But there are many such hotels which are very expensive. You cannot even imagine how many expensive hotels are there.

So expensive that a normal person can stay in those hotels for only 1-2 days with 1 month’s salary. However, not everyone uses such expensive hotels. Best Hotels are available in almost 2000 – 5000 INR.

So if you are going out somewhere, you are going to travel somewhere. If you are going for some work then there is nothing to be afraid of, many cheap hotels will also be available. Around 500 – 1000 INR. All types of hotels are present everywhere, some at cheap prices, some more expensive. And you can decide according to your budget, what kind of hotel you should choose.

What is the difference between hotel and restaurant

There is a huge difference between a hotel and a restaurant. Because only and only food is arranged in a restaurant. Where people come, eat, and go. But there can be many different services in a hotel, such as room to stay service, food service ie restaurant etc.

What is the type of service in the hotel

All hotels provide facilities as per your choice and budget. In which mainly food service, free WiFi and room facilities are available for accommodation. Also services like disco etc may be present in different types of hotel.

In this article you learned what is a hotel. We hope this information will prove useful to you.