What is HDMI cable | HDMI full form

HDMI cable is a kind of TV cable, which helps in displaying data on the monitor through any medium. But HDMI cables are much more advanced than normal TV cables. What is the full form of HDMI?

what is hdmi

The full form of HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. There is a size of hd video which is called high definition. And the work of HDMI cable is to transmit media from one object to another in hd .

Like connecting cpu to monitor. Have to connect an external display to the laptop. HDMI is used for other tasks. So that the activity of that hardware (cpu, laptop) is displayed on that monitor through HDMI cable. Even the option of HDMI cable is available in the set top box.

However, if you do not have lcd / led tv then you will not be able to use HDMI cable. Because HDMI is an advanced method of data interface which is not available in TVs. Simple C cables are used for normal TVs. Which is inserted in different multiple sockets but HDMI is single wired. Inside which there are many advanced wires. Which are perfect for fast data process.

what is hdmi in tv

All TVs of this time are also given the option of HDMI cable. Through which you can very easily connect your HDMI cable to different types of devices. And you can see their screen on your computer.

how much does hdmi cable cost

HDMI cables start from ₹80 as well. And its maximum can be many times more than the bid and it depends on it. Which company’s HDMI cable are you taking and what is its length.

In this article you learned what is HDMI and HDMI full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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