What is Gym | Gym meaning

The full form of gym is Gymnasium and Gymnasium is called Vyayamshala in Hindi. Everyone wants to do GYM and wants to make their body strong and attractive. What is GYM?

What is GYM

By doing GYM, our body becomes strong and at the same time our health is also good. By doing GYM, we also reduce our obesity.

Many people do GYM to make girl friend. Because it is believed that girls like boys who have six packs. And their body should be good, and they should not be too fat, etc. things are seen by girls. And all these are done by doing daily GYM. Everyone should do GYM, if you want to join the army, or you want to do body guard job, you can do GYM for other things.

In this article you learned what is GYM, and GYM meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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