What is google translate

Google Translate is a tool, which works to translate text written in any language into another language. Google Translate is a completely free feature provided by Google. What is google translate.

what is google translate

Google Translate is a translator, which works both online and offline. But for more accuracy you have to use google translate online. Because offline packages do not have 100% accuracy. A total of 109 languages ​​are available on Google Translate. And you can translate your text in any of these languages.

how to use google translate

To use Google Translate, you can also use the website going to the Google Translate application. But you can also use the application, when always you carry mobile with you. But if you do not have a mobile, then you can use Google Translate in your computer or mobile as well.

google translate scan

If there is any text written on a copy book, due to which you are having problem in reading. That is, it is in another language. If you do not understand, then you can convert it in your language in just a few seconds. For which you can use Google Translate Camera feature. Through this, when you scan an entire page of a book, Google Translate will automatically scan the text written in that entire page. And translate it to the language you have selected and will show it. And if you want to write those texts written in your book in your mobile. So the whole page can be written in just a few seconds with the help of Google translate camera in your mobile. Because Google Translate scans that page, then all the text written in it is included in the Google Translate application. You can also save it on your device if you want.


If you meet someone who knows another language. And if you have knowledge of another language, then both of you may find it very difficult to communicate. In this case, you should use Google Translate, because it has recently included the future of conversation in 2022. With which you will be able to talk to a person who has knowledge of any other language.

online use

Want to use google translate application online. So you can visit translate.google.com. And you can delete on this website through your computer, mobile and tablet etc. device. And you will not have to choose your language in which language you want to translate your typed text. And Google Translate will automatically translate the text you type.

offline use

If you want to use google translate offline. So for this you have to use Google Translate application. And you also have to download those languages ​​in your google translate application. The language in which you want to translate, from which English is downloaded automatically.

Note: If you want to translate individual words, offline download will be much better for you. Because in this case you will not even need an internet connection, and you will be able to translate your words easily. But if you want to translate whole sentence/paragraph of a whole. So you may not get complete accuracy in this. So if you want to translate a long sentence/paragraph. So we suggest you to use online translate.

google translate history

Whenever you will translate a word or paragraph in your Google Translate application. So in Google Translate, the history of the words translated by you is present. So make sure you translate any inappropriate words, or don’t want others to know what you’ve translated. And in which language, how can you delete it in your Google Translate history. And if you use online google translate. And if you do not have a Google account logged in, then your translate history will not be created.

What are the benefits of Google translate

  • Google Translate is the most used translator in the world. Which gives 100% accuracy as compared to other translators.
  • Because of Google Translate, it has become easier for people to understand different languages. Because if they do not know the meaning of any word, then they can easily find out the meaning of that word without any discussion.
  • It will also be very helpful for the student. Because a student has to introduce a lot of new words during his study. About which nothing is known, in such a situation, they can easily find out by translating that word.
  • If you have Google Translate application installed on your phone, then Google Translate feature starts appearing in other Google products of your phone. For example, if you use Google Chrome, and there is a page on it in another language, and you want to translate from your language. So install Google Translate on your phone, and open Chrome and open the page you want to do. And click on all three and click on translate. Remember that the translate option will be available in Google Chrome only. When Google Translate application will be installed in your phone.

how to download google translate app

The Google Translate application can be easily installed on any Android device. For this, you just have to first go to the Google Play Store application and search for ” Google Translate “. You will see the Google Translate application, click on it and click on Install. And in doing so, your Google Translate application will be installed. And you can translate your content by opening it.

In this article you learned what is Google translate. And Google translate meaning. We hope this article will prove useful to you.