What is google playstore | Playstor meaning

Google Play Store is one such application created by Google. Which serves to provide applications available for the Android operating system. App developers create and upload their accounts on this. And any user can login with Google account and install the apps. And can install not only apps but also movies, eBooks and gaming apps. what is google playstore

what is google playstore

Google Play Store is an application that gives permission to download Android applications. On which a user can create his account for free. and download the application, whereas a developer has to spend $25 to create a Play Store account.

google play store features


There is such a section on the Google Play Store, on which only different types of games are present. If you are a bar then you can check your favorite games by visiting this section and download them.


In this section of the Google Play Store, you can find applications that are important to you. The ones you would like to use Maybe, too many applications can be too much for you.


Movies are available on the Google Play Store, which have to be bought by paying. And if you’re looking for a new one that you can’t find anywhere, you can go to the Google Play Store and buy it.


There is also a collection of Box Comics and Stories on the Google Play Store. But you will have to pay for this also because this box is also padded.

what is google play store app update

It is very important for all the applications to be up to date because new versions of all the applications are always coming. And you keep updating your applications with new versions so that you can use new features. And their security can be applied to your application and we can easily see it in Google Play Store app update. Which of our applications has got an update.

google play protect

Google Play Protect is a feature of the Play Store that scans all the applications on that phone. And finds out whether we have installed any harmful application or not. And if Google Play Protect thinks that an application can harm that phone, then its notification appears. And you can uninstall it.

What are the advantages of Google play store

By the way, we get all the things on the internet, whether it has any special store or not. But the biggest advantage of having the Google Play Store is that we can open the Google Play Store with ease. And can install any application, because installing any application from an untrusted website is not free from danger. Whereas it is completely safe to install the application from the Google Play Store. And if there was no Google Play Store, many people would not even be able to install the application on their phones. Because even installing the application would have been a difficult process for them. While installing the application has become very easy due to the Google Play Store.

why google play store is not opening

Mainly the reason for Google Play Store not opening can be your internet connection. Or maybe you have reset your phone. And your Google Play Store is getting updated or maybe your phone is responding very slowly. So if you had reset your phone then leave your internet connection on. And wait for Google Play Store to update, and then your Google Play Store will open. For better results, switch off and turn on your phone once.

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