What is google chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most secure web browser which is operated by Google. Google Chrome is available for both mobile and computer. what is google chrome

Year of establishment2 September 2008
other optionsFirefox, Microsoft Is

What is Google chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that gives us the option of surfing the Internet. Through this we can open any website and use its features. All the websites in the world support Google Chrome, and if any website does not support Google Chrome. So that website can lose a huge part of its traffic.

history of chrome

Google Chrome was launched by Google Company on 2 September 2008. And Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has become the world’s largest web browser today, overtaking Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

What are the features of Chrome

desktop mode

Google Chrome gives desktop website option to all its mobile users. So that the user can also access the desktop website through the Chrome browser of his mobile. Because many websites only support mobile browsers. And in mobile the browser has very limited options. But if the user is facing any such issue. So by visiting this website top mode should be turned on for Google Chrome. So that a computer-like experience can be found in the mobile browser itself.


Extension mode in Google Chrome is given for desktop users. By using which the user can include many features in his Google Chrome browser. Because the group offers very limited features unnecessarily, but the Google Chrome extension option overcomes the lack of limited features. A Google Chrome extension is a type of application that can be installed on the desktop Chrome browser. And the way you get lots of pictures by installing the application in your Android mobile. In the same way, you will get many features even after installing the extension. From which you can install the extension as per your wish and requirement. But make sure you need that chrome-extension. Because if you install more Chrome extensions in your Chrome web browser without any reason, then the load on your browser will increase.

data saver

Data saver option is available in Google Chrome browser, which can give better performance on the use of less data. And you can use it when you have limited data, Google Chrome browser saves up to 1 GB of data at around 10 GB. That is, if you surf the Internet using your Chrome browser. And if you finish 1GB of data, then you can save up to 100 MB in the condition of data saver being on.

Incognito tab

This tab of Google Chrome is a private time, using which we do completely private internet surfing. Because when we surf the internet in general, its history is created in our web browser. The website is able to use cookie data, the information you enter is saved. But when you use the Incognito tab, the history of any page you visit will not be created. The information you enter will not be shared, cookie data will not be saved.

chrome find

If you use the Internet and access a long message. From which you have to find a specific word, then you may have a lot of problem in reaching it, in this case you can use Google Chrome search. So that you will be able to directly reach your contact from whom you want to read. And this option is only available for mobile users. Because in this book user can search direct text using ctrl+f. But if you are using the mobile version of Google Chrome, then after going to that page, you can search the text by clicking on the free dot and clicking on find.

Chrome App Installer

This is a new feature of Google Chrome which is available only for mobile users. Through this you can create an alternative application of any website. For which you will not have to go to Google Chrome browser again and again. Rather, when we will make an app of that website through Google Chrome. So by clicking on the icon of that website app, you will be able to access that website directly.

Chrome History

This is quite a unique alternative to the Google Chrome browser, so that whenever anyone uses it, it opens a webpage. Or searches anything in Google, then Google Chrome browser automatically makes its history. Which is saved in the Google Chrome browser, it proves helpful to the users in many ways. Because if you have visited a website before. But you have forgotten it, and you want to visit that website, then you will not need to search it. Rather, you can easily access that page by going to your Google Chrome browser history. But in some circumstances it can be proved for you.

Because the complete history of our web surfing is present in the Google Chrome browser. So that any person can see this by going to the history of our Google Chrome. what we have used on the internet. If we have searched, then our privacy can disappear. So make sure that if you have searched anything like this or used any such account end. that is inappropriate or you do not want other people to know about. So you can delete it by going to your history.

what is the difference between google and google chrome

Both Google and Google Chrome browser are quite different from each other. But both Google and Google Chrome are products of the same company. And the uses of both are also almost the same. That’s why these two may seem similar to you but Google is a search engine in a way. While Google Chrome is a web browser, when you visit Google, you go directly to google.com. But if you open Google Chrome, then once you reach Google Chrome browser. After that, if you do some search, then there is a search in Google, the reason for which is that Google is given as the default search engine in Google Chrome browser. But if you want you can change it, use Bing instead of Google etc.

is google chrome safe

Yes Google Chrome is safe to use but it depends on what kind of website you want to visit. While Google Chrome automatically analyzes most of the harmful websites. And prevents you from accessing it, but many are from websites that hold malicious content. Which can prove to be harmful for you, and if Google Chrome prevents you from visiting any other site. So don’t visit that website at all. And when Google Chrome will prevent you from visiting any website, a red alert will appear.

In this article you learned what is Google Chrome and Google chrome. We hope this article will prove useful for you.