What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the largest advertising company in the world. Which serves to show advertisements on various types of website applications and YouTube channels. Anyone who follows the rules of Google Adsense. One can earn money by using Google Adsense ads. Google Adsense is an advertising company run by the Google company. Because of which any person can believe in it. What is AdSense.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an online advertising company run by Google. If a person has an online platform. So that person can show ads on their platform using Google Adsense which they can earn money from. Because it is difficult for every website to get a direct advertiser. But because of Google Adsense, all websites can very easily show advertisements on their website, and earn money.

what is google adsense account

Google Adsense account is the account in which an Adsense publisher can view their ad performance. How Google Adsense Ads are being shown on its platform. Means how many total views are happening, how many impressions are happening and how much CPC is being received. All the information etc. remains present in the Google Adsense account. And only through your Google Adsense account is an Adsense publisher your personal information. For example, he enters his name, his bank account etc. all the information. And you can also check your total income in your Adsense account, different YouTube channels and websites etc can be linked in one Adsense account. But all the websites and YouTube channels that are linked to that account will be linked to it. It has to be approved by the Adsense team. And if the Adsense team gives approval, then your YouTube channel/website will be linked to that Adsense account.

How to create account in Adsense

There are 2 ways to create an Adsense account, one is through YouTube and the other is through YouTube. If you have any of these platforms through the website, then you can create an Adsense account. But there are some conditions for that and if your platform fulfills the conditions. Only then you will be able to create an Adsense account, otherwise your Adsense account will not get approved.

Youtube channel

A YouTube channel should have at least 1000 subscribers, and at least 4000 hours of watch time. After which the admin of the same tube channel can go to the monetization menu of his YouTube channel and apply for his YouTube channel Adsense. For which he will not need to enter any information, just follow the terms of Adsense and proceed. And your YouTube channel will be applied for Adsense. And after that, if you want, you can also enter your information in your Adsense account.

If you get the approval of Adsense for your YouTube channel, then you can advertise on that YouTube channel only. The channel for which approval has been received, and if you have more than one YouTube channel. So all those youtube channels have to apply one by one. And the Adsense team will check your channel, and approval will be given if everything is correct.


To create an Adsense account through a website, it is necessary that this website is getting at least 100 to 200 views per day. Then after that you can login with your email by going to adsense.com. And you can apply for Adsense by entering the domain name of your website. And after some time of applying, the Adsense team will check your website. If your website follows the rules of Adsense. Then the Adsense team will approve your website, otherwise it will disapprove. And if you get the approval of Adsense for your website, then your Adsense account is created. And you can place Google Adsense ads on your website. And on the basis of clicks on that ads, you can earn money.

from subdomain

If you have a website and have got Adsense approval on it. So you can link directly to your Adsense account by creating more subdomains on that website. Because subdomain does not require re-approval. For example if your domain name is apsole.com and you create a new subdomain in it ask.apsole.com. So you can directly insert them in your new words in your Adsense account. After which you will be able to place Google Adsense advertisements on your website as well. For this, you will not need to take approval again from Google Adsense. But remember that if you link the subdomain of such a website to Google Adsense account. Which is not verified in your Adsense account, then for that you will have to take approval of Google Adsense again.

Your income will be based on your website / youtube channel

If you think that Google Adsense will make you money then you might be wrong. Because Google Adsense is there. Will not give you direct money in any way, but Google Adsense will give you money on the same basis. The basis on which will form on your website or YouTube channel. That is, if your website gets more views then more ads will be shown on your website. And you will be able to earn more money, as well as the interest and location of the traffic that your website receives.

In this article you learned what is Google Adsense. We hope this information will prove useful for you.