What is GIF | GIF full form

GIF is a unique invention of the industry because GIF is multipurpose. We can use it as a video as well, and can also use it as an image. You must have also seen GIF, as GIFs are often shared on WhatsApp. And in whatsapp you also get the option of internal GIF. From where you can share any GIF, what is GIF. What is GIF?

what is gif

The full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format GIF is one such file format. Which behaves like a video, that is, there is movement in the GIF file like a video. But there is no sound in it, GIF can be image based as well as video based. That is, you can make GIF file from any video. And if you want, you can make GIF by adding some photos too, because there is no movement in the image. Image is a fixed format. So if GIF is made through the image, then the images added to it will keep changing.

And if we talk about GIF from video, then you can take its example from whatsapp. If you share any video on whatsapp. So when the option of editing comes, make its timing 6 seconds. You will see that the option of GIF has come.

And by clicking on GIF, you can convert that video to GIF. You can take a 6-second part from anywhere in the entire video and send it to GIF, although only short-time GIFs can be created on it. If you want to create longer GIF, then you can use GIF creator apps.

GIF format is used to store any data, instruction in short. Because this file works for both video and image.

In this article you learned what is GIF and GIF full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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