What is GDP | GDP full form

Often we get to hear about GDP in TV, newspaper, youtube etc. But we do not know what is GDP, due to which we do not understand GDP well. What is GDP?

GDP is the standard of the country, which shows the strength of our country, the economy, about which you should know in full.

What is GDP

The full form of GDP is Gross Domestic Product. Which means that the total value of the country whose GDP is being talked about is the same. And GDP never remains fixed, it keeps on going up and down, which depends on many things.

GDP increases with the development of the country, the more the development, the more the GDP will increase. That means that country will become rich.

  1. United States: $22.68 trillion
  2. China: $15.66 trillion
  3. Japan: $5.38 trillion
  4. Germany: $4.31 trillion
  5. United Kingdom: $3.12 trillion
  6. India: $3.05 trillion
  7. France: $2.9 trillion

By the way, this GDP given above is the current GDP of these countries i.e. of 2021 and this GDP rate can decrease or increase with the development of the country. Therefore, if GDP is to be increased, there should be maximum manufacturing and export.

In this article you learned what is GDP and GDP full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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