What is gardener | Gardener meaning

A gardener is a person who takes care of flowers and plants in a garden. He does their cutting, sprays medicine etc. It is the responsibility of the gardener to take care of the entire garden, whether it is to plant new trees or cutting of any tree. Or watering the plants or cleaning them, etc. What does gardener mean?

what is gardener

A person who takes care of a garden is called a gardener. Often rich houses in cities have gardens. For whose care he hires a person and pays him a salary.

what does a gardener do

  • planting new trees
  • to water the plants
  • removing dead plants
  • cleaning the garden
  • raking leaves
  • garden design

Also, the work of the gardener depends on this. Whose garden he is working in, and what jobs may be available in that garden.

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