What is Firefox

Mozilla Fire Fox is the second largest web browser in the world, which is available for all devices, computers, mobiles and tablets. All websites are Mozilla Firefox compatible. Mozilla Firefox also provides ad-free web browsing experience. For which only one extension needs to be installed. And after that you visit any website, you will not get to see advertisements.

founded byDave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt and Blake Ross.
masterNetscape Communications Corporation
Year of establishment2002
other optionsGoogle Chrome, Microsoft is

what is firefox

What is Mozilla Firefox

Fire Fox is a web browser run by Mozilla Company. You can use it to open the website and use them. Mozilla Firefox is available absolutely free.

What are the features of Mozilla Firefox

search bar

Search box is a default feature of all web browsers, by clicking on which any content can be searched. Or by entering the URL of someone’s website, that website can be opened.

Customized Homepage

You will find many different cards in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Such as recently visited web pages bookmarks etc. If you want, you can customize them according to you, you can disable or enable any task from the Firefox home page.

default search engine

When you search for something on the Internet using any browser, that search is done through a search engine. And all the browsers give the option of Google as the default search engine. In the same way you will get Google default search engine in Mozilla Firefox browser too. But if you want, you can change it to wing or else or ho etc.

login and password

This is an option so that when you try to log in to any website by entering your login credentials. So the browser saves that detail of yours, but this is done only after taking your permission. And then when you want to login to that website again, Mozilla Firefox will suggest you the saved username and password. So that you will not need to enter your login credentials again and again.

Https only

It is a security mode of Firefox that displays encryption mode web pages to its users. By the way, all websites use https. But if unfortunately a website is not using https, then firefox automatically enforces https on that page. So that that web page will not open in your Firefox browser with https mode.

extensions (add ons)

Mozilla Firefox provides a choice of extensions for its wide variety of device users. Through which many features can be used in Firefox browser. However, there are more options available for the District of Fireforce. While mobile firefox we have very limited extensions.

desktop mode

To use desktop compatible websites, the option of desktop mode has been given in Fire Fox. So that you can also open those websites which perform better only in desktop mode. For this, the user just has to open that page, and click on 3dot and click on Top 10 Sites. And that page turns into a desktop website.


Mozilla Firefox gives its users the option of History. So that the history of the Internet used by you is present in your browser. And if you want to open any website or page again. So directly you can open it by going to your history. For this you will not need to search again.

Firefox syncing

Fire Fox Syncing is a feature that lets you unify Firefox on your computer and mobile. Firefox Sicking is a feature that has been activated. But the data of Firefox of your computer and mobile becomes one. For example, if you save any data in Firefox on your computer, it will also be visible in your mobile browser. And if you save in mobile, it will also show in your desktop firefox browser. Everything will sync with your history etc.

Incognito tab

Firefox gives its users the option of Incognito Type. Which is used for private browsing, by default Firefox browser saves your history. And saves the information entered by you, such as credit card number, debit card number, password etc. But when you give permission to do so, but using incognito tab, no browsing data will be saved. You can get the most out of Incognito then. When you search the Internet for such contact, which you want to hide from other people.

Mozilla Lite and Full Version

The browser on Firefox is available in two versions, if you do not have much space on your device. So you can use lite version firefox. So that there will be very less load on your mobile, but if you want better performance and features. So you can install fire fox full version.

Why Firefox is used

Fire Fox is used for surfing the Internet, similar to the way you use the Google Chrome browser. In the same way, using Firefox, you can search anything on the Internet, and use the website. And by default the search engine Google is given in Firefox browser as well. Because Google is the most used search engine in the world, which provides better results.

is firefox better than chrome

Yes, Firefox is considered more private and secure than Google Chrome browser, but Google Chrome browser has more features than Firefox. Works much faster, no matter how secure Firefox is, but the world’s most used web browser is Google Chrome.

In this article you learned what is Firefox. We hope this article will prove useful to you.