What is feedback | Feedback meaning

When we use a service, we are asked for its feedback about it. Although it is optional, if you want, you can give your feedback. otherwise no one can force you but people have doubts as to what to tell in the feedback. What to say because they have absolutely no idea about what is feedback and why is feedback taken. What is Feedback?

Yes, there is a big reason behind taking feedback so that the service provider can make necessary changes. And this is the era of internet, due to which we often get to see the word feedback. And in many companies the helpline center is also reviewed like hosting companies.

And in many places some options of feedback are provided. In which the user / customer can choose any of those options for feedback. And in many places users have the freedom that they can give feedback through text. And you can give your opinion about that product / service.

What is Feedback

Feedback is such an option which is used to know the merit of product/service quality. In which the user gives his opinion about that product, how is that product / service and how was his experience with him .

If you want, you can give your feedback and if you want, you can also come out without giving feedback. But we would also suggest that you must give your feedback. Yes, it is not necessary to give feedback at a place where the company only takes feedback to improve itself. But yes if there is an option of feedback at such a place. If it is on a public product, then feedback must be given, because other people will get a lot of ideas from it.

What to write in Feedback

This is a very confusing question. But above you have got information about what is feedback. So maybe now you can decide easily, what to write in the feedback or what to write in the feedback.

Because what to write in ferdback depends on you how you liked the service about which feedback is being sought. So if you like it then you can give any positive feedback. But if you are not satisfied with that service/product. So you can tell its negative points that you saw flaws in it. What should be the improvement in that service etc.

Because feedback means giving your opinion about the service used. And different companies have different systems for taking feedback.

How is feedback given/received?

Fixed feedback method

This method of taking feedback is also divided into two methods which include, call feedback, text feedback.

Call feedback

Although not all companies, but many companies use it to take feedback about their service or customer agent behavior and knowledge. So suppose a company wants to take the feedback of its support executive, then after the conversation between you and the support executive, your call will be transferred for feedback. In which you will be given some options and if you got help from that support executive, your query has been resolved. So you can choose positive option otherwise negative.

Text feedback

This method of feedback is used on websites, in which you are given some options. Which is related to the quality of this service / product, noraml texts and emoji are also used for such feedback. But this type of text feedback method cannot be edited, rather these options are provided by the company.

Text feedback method

This method of feedback is the best, because it gives a lot of ideas to other people as well. You can take the example of google playstore for such feedbacks. And you can also take the example of amazon feedback. Such feedback is beneficial for everyone.

For example, suppose you want to download an app from playstore, then when you search for any app, many results related to it come. Due to which it becomes difficult to decide which app to download. But yes you can decide from two things which app you should download. first which app has been downloaded a lot.

And second feedback, you can see by going to the feedback section of any app. You will get lots of feedbacks and if you want you can also give feedback of that app. In the same way amazon buyers can give their feedback about the products they have bought.

Direct feedback

This type of feedback is used for big deals like suppose you buy a big vehicle. So you can get a call from the company or agency to take its feedback. And this will not be any computer based feedback. Rather, a feedback agent of that company will call you and take feedback.

What is the importance of Feedback

Through feedback, the company tries to improve itself and provide good service. Because they get to know about their flaws through feedback, which they can improve.

So the importance of feedback is very high. But yes, no company takes any decision on the basis of only one feedback. Rather, he gets a lot of feedback on the basis of which decisions are taken.

what about sending feedback

When you use someone’s service or product. And if you give your feedback on it, it means that you are telling how you liked the product or service. And when you send feedback, it is easy for the company to know whether their customers are liking their product or not. And if there is any shortcoming then what is shortcoming if you send feedback, you will not have any problem with that.

In one article you learned what is Feedback and Feedback meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.