What is family | Family meaning

There will be no one in the world who is not familiar with the family name because everyone has a family. Everyone likes to be with their family, then it can be any type of family. what is a family.

Do you know what type of family you have?  Maybe you know but if you do not know then we will tell you about the categories of Family here. From which you can know in which category your family comes.

what is a family.

Family means direct parents, without parents the family is incomplete. And on the basis of many such facts, the family has been divided into many categories.

Normally everyone lives in his family, even if he has gone away from his family to do some job. But he belongs to a family.

But suppose if you are alone you have no one in the whole world. So even if you are single but after some time when you get married, you have a family, you have children. Your family grows up, your family’s category changes.

Your kids get married, they have kids, your family gets bigger. Along with this, the category of your family also changes.

You have got the basic information above, now let us know the types of family.

what are the types of families

what is nuclear family

Nuclear family is the smallest family in the world, in this family there is only one married couple, and then their children are also part of this family.

If there is something like this with you too, then your family comes under nuclear family.

 what is extended family

An extended family takes the form of an extended family after some time. Because after some time three generations start living together even in a nuclear family. The extended family mostly consists of one continuous generation such as grandparents, married offspring, and grandchildren. But yes if there are multiple males in a generation. That family will not be an extended family but will become a joint family, which is explained below.

 what is joint family

This is the world’s largest family, there are many people in this family. Such as grandparents, married offspring, Grandchildren, uncle aunty and their children, brothers and their children, etc.

All of these families are in all countries but as far as it matters. India is at the forefront of joint family. In India people mostly live in joint family and are very happy with their joint family.

Anyway, joint family is better because in such a situation everyone lives together. Everyone is together in happiness and sorrow, any celebration is celebrated with more joy in a joint family.

But even if you live in extended family then there is no problem. Extended family is also much better, but nuclear family probably makes you feel more lonely.

But circumstances force people to live in a nuclear family. Because everyone’s circumstances are not the same. But if possible, try to live in extended family or joint family no matter what the circumstances are.

Do not break your family under any circumstances because the love and happiness that you can get by living with your parents, siblings. You can never find that in a nuclear family.

Family means mother and father only if you are separated from them by partition. So it means that your family is incomplete, so I request you not to do this at all. And live with your parents and never even think about parting with them.

In this article you learned what is Family and meaning of Family. We hope this information will prove useful for you.