What is essay | Essay meaning

Essay is such a specific article in which the characteristics/flaws of an object, person or place are written. An essay can be written about any object or person in the world. What is Essay?

what is essay

Through essay, we can explain the characteristics of a person, thing or place, which we can call essay. Essay is also known as Essay in English.

what is written in the essay

In the essay, it is written about the characteristics of that person, thing or place. About which you have been asked to write an essay, and it is not at all necessary that the essay written by another person should be exactly like your essay or you should write an essay like the essay written in the book. Rather, you can also write the essay in your own way. In which we have to write about the features/flaws of that subject, if you have good knowledge about that subject (object, place or person). So you can write down all its features point to point.

such as

  • Can tell a little bit about that object, what it is, and in what work it is used.
  • can tell about his part
  • Can tell about the benefits of it
  • Can also tell about the damage caused by its use.

All the things etc. whatever you see as a specialty in that object, person or place or the harm caused by it. All these things can be presented in the form of an essay.

how to write an essay

First of all, you should have knowledge about whose essay you want to write. Why what is how it works and what can be its features. What are its benefits, and what can be the harm from it, etc. And you have to include all these things in your essay.

What is the main purpose of writing an essay

The main purpose of writing an essay is to present the characteristics of a particular object or place. Mainly essay students are given to write for this purpose. So that their all-round development can be judged and this essay can target any object, place or person. Such as (APJ Abdul Kalam, Rakesh Sharma, Charles Babbage, Computer, Television, Mobile, Science, America, Mount Everest, Kashmir, Cow, Buffalo, Dog, etc.).

And you can write essay without any help just you should have knowledge about that thing. About which you want to write an essay, you just have to cover all its features, its flaws, its advantages, disadvantages, etc.

how to memorize essay

If you try to memorize the essay then it is a big mistake on your part. Because you can never write it well by memorizing the essay, rather you have to get good information about which you have to write the essay.

And the rest you can write the essay yourself, let’s say for example, if you have to write an essay about computer. So you will remember it well and maybe by seeing it in your book or anywhere. After memorizing, you may make a mistake while writing, or it may be that you will forget that essay after some time. Because if you remember the essay by heart, then it will not be remembered for a long time.

That’s why you have to manage the essay in a very simple way so that you will never forget the essay. And you can write essay on any point anytime. So don’t memorize the essay, rather get information about it. So suppose Diya has to write an essay on the computer. So you get information about computer, what is computer, who invented computer. How computer works, what are the advantages of computer, what work can you do with computer, and what are its disadvantages. You can read all these things as a story or you can also read it online.

Or suppose you have to write an essay about cow, then do not remember that essay, rather you must know about cow very well. And if you do not know, then get some information. And after that you yourself will be able to write essay about cow as if you can tell what is cow. That is, a domesticated animal, about its body, such as how many legs, tail, etc., what a cow eats, and how humans benefit from a cow, etc.

In this article you learned what is Nibandh and Essay meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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