What is education | Education meaning

Education is such a system through which people are made aware of different types of knowledge, education is the backbone of development, only through education people are achieving great positions, making great inventions, new technologies. are being developed. What is education.

What is education

Education is a learning process by which our education starts from birth and an education system was created to educate us, which educates us in different ways till we become adults, prepares us for a new society and development.

Education system is also a system made by humans and made only for the people and different types of books have been prepared for that education system which is the most important part of the education system.

Education system is not possible without books because all the knowledge from the past to the present has been printed in books, using which education is provided to the people and the children and adults taking education are called student, but education It does not mean only students.

Although there is a system to provide education, there are schools, colleges, which provide education to the students, but everyone takes different types of education throughout their life even after their student life.

It has been said “practice makes a man perfect” but before any practice you have to learn about it because education shows us the way to the future, education becomes our guide, education is a true companion.

Although people get different types of knowledge from the education system and contribute to the development of the world, but there were many people who themselves gave the gift of education to the education system, presented big theories, made big inventions, which Nothing less than a boon for the people.

what would be the life of a man without education

Education is not only that which we receive only in school or college, but a person starts receiving education as soon as he is born, however, the purpose of education which we receive in schools, colleges is to provide us with the highest education.

But when a child starts taking his primary education, then before that he has taken different types of education, one of them is the simplest example of speaking, because which word has to be spoken and what is the meaning of that word. You can understand and speak this too with the knowledge of that language.

Although you normally learn the language of your birthplace, get educated in that language, but if you want to speak any other language, then you have to join the institute for that.

Because suppose if a person is kept from birth in a place where no one lives, no things made by humans are there, then he will grow up to behave like an animal till he Can’t even think about clothes that there is something called clothes which is used to cover the body and it will always be without clothes just like animals.

So you can understand that most of the education is inherited by a person and we normally get information about everything and for a better education, we join school, college and get education.

Today’s man has become much more educated than at the time of the origin of humans, at the time of the origin of humans and for long decades, man was absolutely an animal (ancestors of humans were monkeys) but a special species changed from 4 legs to 2 legs. But learned to walk, to use skeletons as weapons, to discover and use fire, and that animal (monkey) we are today’s humans, humans are learning new things day by day.

what are the benefits of education

During education, we are exposed to such knowledge about which we may never know ourselves and we can get a good job by being educated, can get big positions, get the desired job after better education. Can

Education is not just limited to job but big inventions are also possible which probably will not be less than any big gift to the world, many such great people have already surprised this world with their discoveries.

The biggest advantage of education is that the more education is taken or research done on something, the more our ability to think increases and we are able to develop new things.

Our ability to think depends on our education and heritage, even though we have got a new form (human) due to evolution, but if a person is kept away from humans and things made by humans since birth If he does not know about all these things, then due to evolution, he will get body and color like humans, but his ability to think and understand will end up to 99% because he has no idea about humans and anything. idea will not happen.

what are the disadvantages of education

Although education takes us towards progress, but along with progress, man is harming nature a lot, natural things are being violated a lot.

We should try to understand that no matter how educated we are, how much progress we make, but the most important thing for us is nature, education has made people so capable that such destructive weapons have been made. It is believed that if once there is a fight at the international level, then there can be a lot of destruction, which cannot even be imagined.

If humans are harming nature, then they are not only creating problems for themselves but also creating problems for other living beings because nature is essential for all living beings.

what are the types of education

There are mainly three types of education and within them we get different types of education.

  1. Informal education
  2. formal education
  3. non formal education

what is informal education

Even though there are many schools, colleges, universities available in the world, but our main education is informal education which we start receiving after birth, and no matter what education we are receiving, but during that time also our informal education To be continued.

A child starts taking informal education just after a few months or 1 year after birth and learns a lot from the environment around him. He keeps on receiving different types of teachings from the surrounding environment and different types of people, this is the education which continues from birth till death.

There is no purpose of informal education, there is no goal, but informal education is such an education that maintains the balance of personality, keeps us human, how to get or receive information about any such thing through any medium, about which If you do not have knowledge, it is called informal education, but it has not been told to you for the purpose of educating you, because if the purpose of that knowledge is to educate you, then it will be considered under formal education.

Although all types of education give us knowledge, but on the basis of their methodology and their objectives, that education is categorized.

what is formal education

Formal education is such an education for which a complete system has been created and under the same system, education is given for the purpose of educating us, which has rules, those who receive formal education are called students and all students are called those. Learning has to be done by following the rules.

Taking education from schools, colleges, universities is called formal education because their purpose is to make you an educated, moral, disciplined and dutiful person.

This education is given to us under a system, so it is obvious that we have to give time for it and also pay fees to that system under which we will get formal education.

We are also given a certificate for every level of formal education that how is our knowledge level, which we also know by the name of marksheet.

what is non formal education

The purpose of informal education is also to make a person educated, but its system is very different from the formal system because informal education is not tied to any school, college system, rather it is an independent education, whereas in formal education, we have different types of education. Rules have to be followed.

Informal education is taken for various purposes but there is no special discipline in this education rather that institution will work according to your convenience where you will get informal education.

There can be many reasons for taking informal education, such as to improve your knowledge, even during school, college, or in case of not being able to attend class even after admission in school, college, personal knowledge To fulfill personal objectives, to cover more education in less time, etc.

Perhaps you must have understood what is being talked about (Coaching Education), non-formal education can be taken along with formal education and even after formal education.

At this time, the means of non-formal education have increased a lot, although the main source of non-formal education, coaching is also available everywhere, but apart from this, internet has become a major means of non-formal education, any person can easily get informal education through internet. Can get education for which many platforms are available video tutorials, blogs, online teaching (like unacademy) etc.

what is the education system

Education is such a system by which everyone is educated and the tenure of education depends on many things, education systems of all countries differ and people are educated in that country according to that system.

As far as India is concerned, primary education is divided into 3 systems

  • Pre Primary includes LKG and UKG under which children are prepared for the primary class.
  • Primary 1-5
  • Secondary 8-10
  • Higher secondry 11-12

Till 12th, education is the same for all and compulsory for all, only there is a difference of subjetcs, but after 12th, education is divided into many different categories and every student has his choice on the basis of his 12th subject and result. Can take admission in college, university for compatible education.

Education system is the same for everyone, everyone is educated in the same way, Education system provides education to the students as well as scholarship.

Education का future

With time, new technologies are developing, education system is getting better and better, not only education system but all the things in the world are becoming accessible and better.

Earlier there were only two methods of education, school and coaching, but now there are many methods of education like blog, website, online classes, tutorials, etc. and that too in large quantities.

Recently, during the terror of covid-19, the whole world came to a standstill and the education system was also completely closed and at this time online education emerged as a primary method of education, which continued the study.

Recently during 2019 – 2020, many changes were made in the Indian education system, although there are various changes from time to time to improve education and due to covid 19, there are many changes in the syllabus of 10th, 12th done.

Every few years there are many changes in the education system, like the exam policy in Graduation level was completely changed in 2017-2018 and because of that new exam policy, 80% students were disappointed, many such colleges There were also in which even 1 student did not pass.

In the same way, iti selection process was changed in 2015 – 2016, in the same way, states, countries, organizations keep improving their education system from time to time and in 2019 – 2020 major changes were made in Indian Education Policy so that Education system can be improved.


Curriculum is an integral part of education, education is a system and its courses decide in which class for how many years you will study, different types of education are of different courses, it depends on you which course you want to do. Want to

Under that course, you also get the option to choose the subject,

And the students are taught about those special subjects and on the same basis the students’ exam is taken, the knowledge level of the student is tested through the exam itself.

what is the importance of teacher in education

The teacher has a very important role in the education system, the teacher only provides education to the students, but in many places, the teacher is appointed as a teacher without any qualification, even such people are also appointed as teachers. Are appointed as those who do not even have proper knowledge of any subject.

And in such a situation, there is a mess with the future of the student, and such teachers are hired in that school, college, who think about earning more with less investment and keep playing with the future of the students. .

Teacher has a lot of importance in the education and life of the student, but all the schools and colleges should not spoil the future of the students for the sake of earning more and hire only well qualified, experienced teachers.

Although we are not saying that one who is not formally educated cannot achieve anything in life but can do a lot but with education we can achieve something big.

After education, we can become a successful person by getting a good job, so if there is a child in your family whom you do not send to school, then start sending him to school from today itself so that he can get education.

what is the purpose of education

The purpose of education is the mental development of man, because without education, man is like an animal, and by taking education, the intellectual capacity of man increases, which in one way or the other promotes knowledge and science.

what is the specialty of education

The biggest feature of education is that a person receives education from birth and till death, even if he is not in a school or college, but a person always takes education from the environment around him and this process of education continues till the last stages of life. Lives

From this article you learned what is education and meaning of education, we hope this information will be useful for you.

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