What is DTH | Full form of DTH

The full form of DTH is Direct To Home, it is called Home Access Service or Direct to Home in Hindi. It is used for tv which works through satellite connection. When you get TV installed in your house and if you get CABLE installed with TV. So in that you have to pay monthly money only then you will be able to watch your favorite channel in it.

What is DTH

Cable system is mostly in the city only, then in the village people are often satisfied by watching free channels on TV. That’s why they use DTH in their house, it is installed on the roofs or open space of the house.

If we compare DTH with cable connection, today the cable network is limited only to the metros and big cities of the country. Whereas DTH facility is available everywhere whether it is a city or a village. However, it is being used mostly in the rural areas, because in this the viewers get many channels of their choice, which are absolutely free.

In this article you learned what is DTH and DTH full form. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.

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