What is DSLR | DSLR full form

The full form of DSLR is Digital Single-lens Reflex , although technology is improving with time. And all the industries are improving and camera is one of them. So, until some time ago, cameras of such high quality were not present even in digital cameras or phones. What is dslr?

what is dslr

Although at this time there is no need to get the photo printed, be it wedding photos or any other photo because digital storage is present at this time. Like smart phone, computer, which is now with everyone.

But there was a time when all these techniques were very limited, very few people had such gadgets. And that too of low quality, so in that condition there was only one way to take photos. Which is the camera known as slr.

And those slr cameras were not of very high quality, and reels were used as storage. Which took a lot of time to process, in the same way there were many problems in slrs.

But due to technology, slr came in a new form which was named DSLR and this DSLR is much faster than slr. Very fast processing is done and instead of reels, digital storage (Memory card) is used.

Not only storage, but all the equipment in DSLR was used in a modern way. And more features were provided than slr. And while its capturing capability is also high, DSLR is able to capture videos, pictures in very high quality which was not possible with slr.

Now it is obvious that if technology improves, quality improves, then the cost will also increase. So if you do not have specific knowledge about cameras, then you will not even know about the price of cameras. And you may be shocked to hear the average cost of DSLR.

By the way, you will get cheap dslr also, expensive dlsr will also be found. But if we talk about an average DSLR, then you may have to invest around 1,00,000 INR. If you are planning to buy DSLR for wedding ceremony or functions, then you can decide according to your budget.

But if you want to become a youtuber, in starting you do not need to invest so much for DSLR. Rather you can start from your phone as well. And later on earning start can make idea about DSLR.

In this article you learned what is DSLR and DSLR full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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