What is DRDO | DRDO full form

There are various institutions in all the countries which carry out different types of research. And strengthen the country with their research, in which science and scientists make a big contribution. And in that category come two research organizations of India namely ISRO and DRDO. And today you will know about DRDO i.e. what is DRDO. What is DRDO?

DRDO is an important part of the Indian defense system, which keeps on doing various types of research and development for the Indian defense system. Whose purpose is to make the defense system better and stronger. Such as Aeronautics, Combat Vehicles, Missiles, Advanced Computing and Simulation, Information Systems.

What is DRDO

The full form of DRDO is Defense Research and Development Organisation, DRDO is a Defense Research and Development Organisation. DRDO, which is working for India’s defense system, was established in 1958. Whose headquarters is in New Delhi and DRDO has a total of 51 branches. And a total of 30000 employees do it, out of which 5000 are scientists. And other low level scientist, engineer etc. are included.

DRDO works not only for any one defense system but for the entire defense system of India. Along with ISRO which is the space agency of India, about which we had told earlier in an article. DRDO also works with ISRO.

Although DRDO works very well, but DRDO comes under Ministry of Defence. Means DRDO is a government organization. And that too only one organization, whereas for the better development of any country it is necessary to have multiple companies/organisations. Because in such a situation, the competition increases and there is a competition to move ahead of each other and development happens very fast.

However, other defense agencies are also present apart from DRDO. Like DGOF, DGQA but they do not work on such a large scale as DRDO.

What is the work of DRDO

DRDO works not only for any one defense system but for the entire defense system of India. DRDO makes various types of weapons and space equipments to strengthen the country.

When was DRDO established

DRDO was established in 1958 with its headquarters in New Delhi.

Who founded DRDO

DRDO was established in 1958 by Avinash Chander.

In this article you learned what is DRDO and DRDO full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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