What is drama | Drama meaning

Drama is such a process in which a scene is presented in front of people after making a plan. And it can normally be in the form of cultural programs in schools, colleges or other different types of institutions. Or it can be on TV channel also, the dramas coming on TV channel are mainly known as serials. What is drama?

What is Drama

A play is a scripted scene performed by a team of several people. In which people are given different roles. And in that play, someone gets the role of being a good person and someone a bad person. But in reality this does not happen, but to display that drama, all the people act, and display that drama.

what is the specialty of drama

The specialty of drama is that it is planned and written by itself. And preparations are made accordingly. Because of which the drama can be extended to any length and the drama performed directly takes only a few minutes or hours. Whereas the dramas running on TV serials go on for years or even longer. And new artists keep on joining it.

what is the purpose of the play

The purpose of drama is entertainment or motivation or creating awareness among people, while the main purpose of TV drama performance is income.

In this article you learned what is Natak drama and Drama meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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