What is domain Name

Two things are important for any website, one is the domain name and the other is the host. Of which domain name simply means name, the way a person or thing is named, but domain name is absolutely unique. A name cannot have more than one domain name, domain names are an integral part of the Internet. Without which the use of internet can be very difficult. Because domain name helps to identify different web hosting. So that using the internet becomes very easy. What is domain name?

For example, you can take the name in Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc., or whenever you do that search in the Google search engine. So you see that you are shown the results of many websites in the search result. And all websites have a unique domain name.

Or in other words, the domain name can be called a folder, as if you create a folder in your computer or mobile file. And keep a file inside that folder, then the place to keep that file can be called host. And the domain name of the folder in which it is placed. And just as you cannot create two folders of the same name in one directory of your computer or mobile, in the same way two domain names of the same name cannot be created. Although the above paragraph has been told to convince you. The rest of the domain names are not so easy to manage. Rather, the process of creating and managing a domain name or transferring it to another computer ie server is much more complicated.

what is a domain name

Example of domain name are google.com, facebook.com etc., and there are four main parts of a domain name. Each part of which has its own importance, any company or individual should pay special attention to all these things while selecting their domain name. Because this can have a huge impact on his business.

https – Protocol

www – Subdomain

Apsole – Domain

.com – TLD (Top level Domain)

Top Level Domain “.com”

The top level domain of a domain name is very important. Which is selected for the target globally or nationally etc. For example, if we buy hello.com domain, then its top level domain is .com. Which means commercial. And for doing global business, .com top level domain is better.

Or if you buy hello.in domain then its main target will be India. However, no matter which person or company chooses any top level domain, that website remains accessible all over the world. But it makes it easier for users to understand that domain. Which country or business is that domain name targeting.

Also, top level domains have certain limitations. Which are provided by the domain registrar company, both the top level provided by the company can be registered. You can not make any word as top level domain as per your wish.

Domain – “Apsole”

You are completely free to select the domain name, you can choose any domain name as per your wish. Then if you want, you can enter your name, or you can enter the name of any person from your family. And or if you want, you can name your village, country or your business etc. You can decide for yourself whether to lay out the domain name. But there is a condition that you will get the same domain name which is not already registered by anyone.

For example, if you want to register a name in any two. And you search the domain name by visiting the website of the registrar company in any of the two. Suppose you search myfamily.com, then if this domain name is available, then you will be able to buy it. But if this domain is not available then you will not get the domain name. Yes but if you change its top level domain then it is possible that you will get the domain name.

For example, instead of myfamily.com, you can check myfamily.in or myfamily.net or myfamily.co.in or myfamily.org. You might be able to find one of these domain names. Because the Internet has developed a lot and a lot of domain names have been registered. And many more websites are running, due to which domain names with the names of most famous words have been registered. Because of which you may have problems finding the domain name.

And if you don’t find the domain name you want, you can register any word as your domain name. Because the change of domain name or top level domain name does not affect the website in any way. In fact, all types of top-level domain names and domain names can be used worldwide.

Subdomain – “www

WWW is an alternate path for any domain name that refers to your main domain name on WWW. www doesn’t matter for small websites. Whereas for large websites www words prove to be very helpful in many situations.

Protocol – “http/HTTPS”

The protocol is a data transfer protocol on the web, which means “hyper text transfer protocol” through which the request from the mobile computer to the server and the server’s response reaches the user. There is no need to type the http protocol, as this protocol is the default method of data transfer. And to make this data transfer protocol more secure, a secure layer is used in it. Which is called SSL which means secure socket layer.

What is subdomain

In the above article you were told that WWW is a subdomain, but WWW subdomain is a part of that main domain name, while subdomain is a separate domain name, LM, which is created inside that website and can be used separately in the same website. Its main advantage is that it is used to provide services. That on the same domain name and hosting, you can run all these different service providing websites.

who provides domain names

The domain name is managed by the ICANN company and the ICANN company itself does not provide the domain name. Rather, different domain registrars do the work of selling domain names, for example, there are many domain registrars like godaddy, namecheap, big rock, hostgator, hostinger, Google, etc. Anyone can become a domain registrar. But for that one has to apply for ICANN accreditation following the terms and conditions of ICANN.

domain transfer

Once a domain name is registered, it can be transferred to any other server. But the only requirement is that the domain name should be at least 60 days old. And once the domain name is transferred, again it needs 60 days if you want to transfer.

Security features are used to prevent fraudulent moves, accidental transfers, etc. in dominoes. So that the risk of domain name theft is completely reduced. And if the owner of 2 Minutes himself wants to transfer his domain to another server. So he has to get his domain unlocked first. After that the process of domain transformer takes about 5 days.

What is Expired Domain

The age of a domain name depends on how long the owner of that domain has purchased that domain and suppose if you have purchased a domain for 1 year, then before the completion of 1 year you will have to Domain name has to be removed. Otherwise your domain will not be in working condition and if you do not make payment after domain renewal date and do not renew your domain then your domain can be removed by your registrar after 30 – 60 days. And then your domain will become expired domain.

Because you still have a maximum of 2 months after the domain name renewal date has passed. And during this time your domain is not available for registration, in which you can reactivate your domain name if you want. After which your domain name will start working again in the same way. But if once your domain is completely deleted.

And after that any person can register the name in those two. So if that domain name is important to you, make sure to renew your domain name by the renewal date, or you can upgrade your domain to a longer term.

And if for some reason you are unable to renew your domain name, and your domain name expires. And someone else registers your domain name, then you may have to pay a hefty amount to acquire the domain name.

How many websites can be run on one domain name

There is no limit to the number of websites you can run on a single domain name. But it depends on the type of website you want to run. Because if you run many websites on the same domain name then it can happen. Users may not be able to access your website properly or have problems accessing your website. So if your service your website is very important then run it on different domain name. By doing this, users can easily access the website and service.

Only one page i.e. the page of the same website can be displayed on the home page of the domain, but apart from that, you can create subdomains within that website if you want. And you can provide a separate website or content on it, or you can run the website on the directory / path, but it depends on how comfortable you want to make your services for your users.

What is unique domain name

However, you or anyone else does not save/post any content on the domain. All the data of Sarah is saved on hosting but the identity of your website is your domain name. That’s why you have to keep your domain name short and simple, so that it is easy for your users to type and remember your domain name. And here are some of the main points that you should pay attention to.

  • The domain name should not be too long. A perfect domain name should have a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 5 characters.
  • No numeric should be used in domain name like hello1234.com etc. rather you should choose very clean domain name like hello.com
  • If you want to work on a generic level then you should take your top level domain name as .com. But if you run an organization or want to buy a domain name for a specific purpose. So the top level domain name should be selected according to that purpose, such as if you only want to make India your main target, then .in or if there is an organization, then .org etc.
  • If a domain name is already famous, do not buy a domain similar to that domain name. Rather choose a domain name of a completely unique different word that becomes your identity.

We hope that this information What is Domain Name will be useful for you.