What is DND | DND full form

The full form of DND is Do Not Disturb, DND prevents unnecessary messages or phone calls on mobile, this service has been set up by TRAI. And every company follows it and provides this service to its customers. If you want to install DND Service on your mobile number, then whichever company’s SIM card you use. You can get it installed by talking to that company. What is DND?

What is DND

Many people use DND in their mobile phone, and some people use DND on their company’s landline number. Many people use it, so do you know what DND is. If you do not know, today we will tell you through this article what is DND.

In today’s world, everything has been connected with internet to mobile phone, if I talk about mobile user then about 95% people use mobile phone. And when you use mobile phone, you get calls and messages from many unknown numbers. Because of which we are very upset, due to which DND has been created.

If you install this service in your mobile phone, then you will not get any useless message or phone call. Because many companies do a lot of messages and calls to you for their promotion, which causes you a lot of trouble.

Similarly, companies also have problems. If you have a company, then you have a job that receives many Spam calls and messages from customers. Due to which a lot of your time is wasted, then you can get rid of all these by installing DND Service on your phone.

In this article you learned what is DND and DND full form. We hope that the information will prove useful to you.

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