What is description | Description meaning

Description means description which means. That if you are publishing any content on the internet or writing in offline books. So include that contact in short in the description of that content. What is the meaning of description?

What is Description

Description means a brief description of a long article, which introduces the entire long article in the least number of words.  If you have to write an article whose length is about 1000 words. So if it is said that you should put its description, then you should put the main point of that article in short. Which is better if it is within 50 to 60 words.

The word description is used especially on websites and blogs. And on youtube videos, because whenever any person publishes an article on his website. So he has to enter a description of that article, which tells the information of that entire article in short. Whose length is maximum 50 to 60 words, and the description box is also present on YouTube. And the description becomes even more important on YouTube. Because apart from the title on YouTube, the description is the second important text.

The description of any content increases the quality of that content. Although the description is not the main factor affecting the search engine ranking in any way, because if the content is good then definitely the content can rank. Whereas if the content is not good, then no matter how long the description is put, it will not be of any use.

In this article you learned what is description and description meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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