What is dark mode, What does Dark mode mean

With the increasing use of mobile, dark mode has become very important because lite mode affects our eyes a lot. What is dark mode, What does dark mode mean, However, if you do not spend much time on mobile, then dark mode is not necessary for you. What is dark mode?

What is dark mode, What does dark mode mean

But if you spend a lot of time on mobile, then dark mode is very important for you. Not only WhatsApp but you should also use your mobile in dark mode.

Even if you use normal mode during the day, dark mode should be used at night. This makes our eyes feel much more relaxed.

what is whatsapp dark mode

To enable dark mode in WhatsApp, if you want, you can enable dark mode in your mobile. For this, just swipe from top or bottom to know in your mobile tool shortcut, it depends on this. Which company’s phone do you use?

And in that you will get the option of dark mode, click on it. Dark mode will be enabled in your phone and dark mode will be implemented on your WhatsApp as well. Because WhatsApp uses device mode by default.

But if you do not get the option of dark mode in it, or you want to enable dark mode only on WhatsApp by not enabling dark mode in your phone, then follow this process.

how to turn on dark mode in whatsapp

Defiitely dark mode is very beneficial, but if you are out of the room during the day then it becomes a bit difficult to use mobile in dark mode. So in such a condition, if you want, you can also disable the dark mode.

  • Open your WhatsApp and click on setting by clicking on three dots
  • Click on Chats
  • Click on Theme
  • Click on Dark and click on ok. Dark Mode has been enabled in your WhatsApp. And I like the dark mode of WhatsApp very much, definitely you will also like it because it is very attractive.
  • And if you ever want to disable the dark mode of your WhatsApp again and want to implement the lite mode in your WhatsApp. So you can disable dark mode by going to the same setting.

Dark mode only in chat section

You can implement dark wallpaper in your WhatsApp chat section in two ways, either by going to setting or by going to any chat.

  • So first of all open your WhatsApp and go to any chat. Then it does not matter in which chat you are changing the wallpaper. The same wallpaper will be used in all chats.
  • click on three dot
  • Click on Wallpaper
  • Click on Solid color
  • You can choose any color from this. But you want to darken your WhatsApp chat background so click on dark color.
  • Preview will be shown, click on SET. Your WhatsApp chat background will become dark.

how to use facebook dark mode in mobile

  • Open your Facebook app, and click on the three dots on the right side and scroll down a bit.
  • In this you will get the option of dark mode. Enable the dark mode button. Now dark mode will be enabled in your Facebook mobile app.
  • And if you want to disable it again, then disable the same dark mode button. Your Facebook app dark mode will be disabled.

dark mode in youtube

YouTube is one such platform which is most used in the world. And at this time not just one but everyone uses mobile a lot. Which can harm us a little bit somewhere.

Then whether it is mobile or computer, our eyes are affected to a great extent because of them. That’s why I would suggest that if you use mobile excessively, then you should use dark mode.

If you use your mobile for a maximum of 4 – 5 hours in a day. So there is no problem with this. But if you spend more time on mobile then dark mode is necessary for you.

However, even dark mode will not prove to be very beneficial. But still dark mode will be better than normal mode to a great extent, and today we will know how to enable dark mode in YouTube.

Because all the videos around the world are available on YouTube, in such a situation people spend a lot of time on YouTube. And then whether you are a mobile user or a desktop user, you can enable dark mode in YouTube very easily.

  • First of all open your youtube app. and click on your profile picture
  • Click on setting and click on general
  • Enable dark mode button

Dark mode will be enabled in your YouTube app.

From this article you learned what is Dark mode and what is the meaning of dark mode. We hope this information will prove useful for you.