What is CVV | CVV full form

If you have a debit card or credit card and you have ever made an online payment, then definitely you must have needed the CVV / cvc code. But if you could not make the payment just because you did not have the CVV number. So this is wrong because if you have debit card or credit card then you have CVV number also. Because the CVV code is still present on the cards. What is CVV?

Although it is different that some people know it by the name of CVV ​​and some people know it by the name of CVC and it is just because. Because on some debit cards the same is printed as CVV. And in some cards as cvc but the purpose is same which is extra security and extra verification.

What is CVV

The full form of CVV ​​is Card Verification Value, CVV is an extra layer of verification. So that even if someone has the details of your debit or credit card, he cannot process any payment from your card then. Unless he does not have a CVV number.

CVV or CVC is a number which is printed on the back side of the card. And CVV code has an important role in all types of transactions.

If you make any payment, then you will have to enter the details of your card. Like card number, expiry date, card holder name and CVV number has to be entered in the final step. Which verifies that you are the owner of that card. However, not only svv, if any of this information is incorrect, then you will not be able to make the payment.

But if your card is lost or you have given your card to someone then definitely CVV number will not be able to provide you security in any way. CVV is not there to protect you from an unknown fraudster. Because definitely no unknown person can randomly guess your card number, name and expiry date of the card. Unless you give all these details to him yourself.

And if you use your card in atm machine, then the machine automatically reads your card in it. And your pin is required in that, then you can understand that CVV does not physically matter. But CVV does our extra security when we make online payment.

cvv protects us

When we do any task online anywhere anytime, but do not save our card, then there is no problem with it. But when we save our card detail in any of our online account then there can be a problem. And from this problem CVV number saves us.

And anyway, no real company saves the credit / debit card details of any customer without his permission. But at many places we need to add manually. And some websites/apps ask to save card for further transactions.

So our card detail that it saves is our card number, name, expiry date, and CVV is not saved, and this only protects us.

CVV is not there to protect you from some unknown person. Rather, so that your close people who live in your touch cannot cheat.

As we take an example of amazon which is the world’s largest ecommerce company. So if you do any shopping from amazon. If you pay with your debit card, then that card detail will be added to your amazon account.

And if you order a product again and you pay for it. So your added card will also be shown in the payment option. And again when you make payment, CVV number will be asked again so that it can be verified that you are the card admin only.

Because if there was no CVV system then when your phone was with someone else like your friends, relatives etc then your card detail is already saved. And using that they could make payment. And your phone is with them so that they get the OTP and the payment is also successful, and you don’t even know.

But this is not possible because of the CVV number because on as many websites you have saved your card. But at the time of every new payment CVV is asked, which only you have on the back side of the card.

However, CVV acts as a security for us in online transactions. But it does not mean that a person will make the payment just by knowing the CVV number, but only the card verification is done with the CVV. And in the final step of payment OTP is required which is sent by the card company to your registered number.

what is cvv in atm card

You will find the CVV number on the back side of the card, mostly it is on the back side only. But on the cards of some banks, the CVV code is given in the front itself. Like american express card, its cvv is in the front of the card and its code is of 4 digits. While the CVV of mostly all the cards are of only three digits.

what is cvv number in bank

You will not find CVV number in any bank because there is only one such number which is present on the back side of all ATM cards. So if you need it from anywhere. So do not go to the bank and look at the back side of your ATM which is present in the white part near the black stripe.

How many digits are there in Credit Card Credit Card CVV?

Credit cards also have CVV numbers of 3 digits only, while banks of some countries still provide 4 digit CVVs.

In this article you learned what is CVV number and CVV full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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