What is CV | CV full form

If you have applied for a job somewhere, then when you get a call for interview, they ask for CV along with some of your basic documents. Because CV in short provides more information. And even if you register yourself on online job sites, there is a requirement of CV. What is CV?

what is cv

The full form of CV is Curriculum vitae, CV is such a document in which we provide more information about ourselves in short. So that the interviewer gets complete information about us and if he wants, he can also question us on the basis of our CV.

We are telling CV that all the information is in short, so it does not mean that it is very short. Rather, I mean that we do not need to define everything separately. And we can fill all our information in our CV, which will increase our chances of getting the job.

How many pages are there in CV

CV is such a document in which we can describe our skills, achievements, qualifications etc. If we tell about many things, then it is obvious that its length will be more, that is, there will be more pages, a CV is of 2 – 4 pages. Yes, 2 – 4 page only means that you will have to provide a lot of information about yourself.

And if you are thinking that you will provide all the information in just one page then you are thinking wrong. Because if you try to make CV in short (single page) only. So first of all the problem is that you will not be able to provide complete information in it.

And the second thing is that when you will provide detail about yourself in short. And if you complete your CV in only one page, then you cannot call it CV, rather it will be called resume.

Yes because both CV and resume are different, and both are sought in different conditions. Like if you have applied for a job and are going for an interview. So ( mostly it happens in the private sector that by applying, you can go for direct interview )

So in this condition the recruiter does not have any information about you. And in order to give the most job, it is necessary that he should have complete information about you. So here CV will not be sought but resume which provides more information than resume.

And if you take the resume then it is possible that you may not even get that job, so whenever you are going for the job, if the CV has been asked by the company. So take CV and if resume is said, take resume but if not said then take CV.

what information is there in cv

By the way, there are some basic things which are necessary to include. Such as personal information about you such as name, address, qualification, contact information (Mobile number, email etc. If you have an email account, then use it also in CV because it gives a special impression on the interviewer), employment history , work experience, Volunteer Experience, by the way, most people do not define volunteer experience. But this should also be included in the CV.

If you have won any award, mention it in your CV as it increases your chances of getting a job. Apart from basic education and other certificates if any you have obtained. Whether it is short term or long term, does not matter

Hobbies and interests are very important things, so do not forget to include them in your CV. Tell what you like, what your interest is in.

If there is any profession, then as if you are the admin of a website, you are the admin of a youtube channel. Because if you have a website and mention it, then your respect will increase in the eyes of the interviewer. Although it is also a matter that if you had this profession then why would you go for the job.

But many times it happens that many people create websites and create youtube channels. Which is a very common thing at this time. If you have also done something like this, even if it has not grown, but definitely mention it in the CV.

How to make a CV

There are many ways to make a CV, such as from computer, mobile or by going to a computer center, you can make a CV. If you make a CV by yourself then you may have some problem because you have never made a CV before. And even if you make your CV by yourself, you will have to go to the computer center for the printout. But maybe it would be appropriate to get it made from a computer center. Because it will make your CV easily and printout will also be available.

What is the importance of CV

CV mainly contains our brief bio data so that interviewer can get brief information about us very easily, even for marriages CV is used in many places.

What is the difference between Resume and CV

The information in the resume is in short and it has to include that information in a single page. Which is important when one can elaborate all the information, and CV can be from three to four pages.

In one article you learned what is CV and CV full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.