What is comment | Comment meaning

Speaking or writing different types of things on someone’s talk is called Comment. Like you are talking to someone on some topic, and you have to say something in their words. And you speak your words or assume that you are using Facebook. And you saw a post and you said things related to that post in the comment box on that post, then it is called commenting. Or are you talking to someone. And you have given any reaction to someone’s words, and if you have said something for that matter, then that is also called Comment. What is Comment?

As you would know that we do the comment in two ways, online and offline, so let us understand step by step about both of them.

What is Online Comment

If you have ever used or are using Social Media Platform, then you must have heard the use of Comment Word many times. And if you do not know about the comment, then you have a lot of trouble, or sometimes you see something like this in social media. About which you have to say something, or comment something, then how can you comment.

Online Comment means that you comment or comment on someone’s Photo, Video or Story on Online Social Media Platform. Suppose you saw a video on YouTube and you did not understand anything while watching the video. Or you feel that there is something wrong in what is being told, then you can write anything about that mistake in the Comment Box of that video. And you can give them advice, or you can troll them. It depends on you what you want to comment on his video.

You can comment online at many other places, like you can comment on someone’s website. Suppose you open someone’s website, and an article is written on their website or any type of post is lying. And you find something wrong in that post or you like that post or article. And it is useful for you and you can give advice by writing something on that post or article. Whether your post is wrong or if you have liked it, then you can thank the writer of the post through the comment.

In the same way, you can comment on every platform of Social Media. You can comment online on all online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Telegram, Websites, YouTube etc.

Commenting on things

Commenting on things, when we are talking to someone. So when we say something or make a comment on someone’s talk, then it is called Comment in conversation or it is also called Offline Comment. Offline Comment We react to anything in our friends or in the society or in our family. And commenting on that thing is called commenting on those things.

In today’s era, it has been seen in some people that they have a lot of time and they sit together with friends or in the society and comment a lot on each other. In which some people talk about work and some people keep talking about useless things. Out of which some of them talk about themselves and some people talk about others, in which some talk good and some talk bad.

And when they are talking among themselves, some people like those things, and some people find the same thing bad. Suppose someone said something to you and you are finding that thing wrong. And if you want to say something on that matter, then to say something on that matter is called commenting. You can comment on anything, it will depend on you what kind of comment you want to make.

Some people have a habit of gossiping, and they keep gossiping all the time. And they keep on commenting on other people’s things, and keep enjoying the things.

What is Comment Box

If you have to comment on any post or video or article or on any website. So you need a Comment Box to comment. Through which you can make your comment to anyone.

You get the Comment Box at the bottom of YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform. In which you can comment whatever you want, suppose you want to comment on YouTube. So you will get an empty box below the video.

You are seeing Add a public Comment in this photo. You can write whatever comment you want to write in this. And you will click on the Comment Box, then your Comment will reach the person who will have the video.

If you want to know the Comment box in Facebook, then you open your Facebook page and whatever post you want to comment on. Below that, you have a Comment Box by clicking on the Comment or below it as well.

In which you can comment by writing anything related to that topic.

The way you find Comment Box on YouTube and Facebook and comment in it. In the same way, by finding the Comment Box on any platform, you can comment in it very easily.

When you go to comment on someone, then what should many people write in the comment. There are many problems related to this, so I would like to tell you that it is very easy that what you write in the comment.

If you want to comment someone, then it is very important to know some things before commenting, knowing which you will be able to write anything in the comment. Suppose you want to comment on a YouTube video, then you have to see what you want to comment on. You did not understand anything while watching the video or you understood it very well and you got a lot of help from it. So you have to know in this way what did you feel after watching that video, let’s assume that you have liked the video very much. So you can write your feeling in the Comment Box and you can express your gratitude for that video. To express gratitude, you can comment like this thanks, good, Nice to see your Video, Thanks for the information.

If you want to comment on Facebook, then you have to understand that on whom you want to comment. Let’s assume that you saw a photo of yours, and you liked that photo very much, then you can comment in that comment like very nice, good looking, super, beautiful, shocking, smart etc.

And if you do not like the Post, Story or Photo or you want to tell them something for some improvement in it. So you can keep your views on it through Comment. For this you can find the word according to your own, and you can write something in such a way that your photo is good. But improve it a little more or you can tell what is lacking in the photo.

It would be wrong to tell anything in this way, what to write while commenting, because when you comment, there can be many reasons behind it, so you should understand according to yourself what is the reason. Because of which I want to comment and you can comment after understanding. While commenting, you should keep in mind only one thing that whatever you are commenting on should be on the same topic. Which has been talked about in the video or in the story.

What is the comment in Hindi?

Comment is called “Comment” in Hindi, although you do not have any special need that what is the comment called in Hindi. But you should know, because it is possible that you will need it somewhere.

Just like the way a name is known by many names, in the same way some people also call Comment in Hindi as Byakhya or Vivechan. They are pronounced differently but mean the same thing.

In this article you learned what is comment and comment meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.