What is COD | COD full form

When we buy a product from any online ecommerce company, COD is often seen on some or all of the products. So it is very important for you to know what is cash on delivery. Because when you have the information about COD then only you will be able to take the right decision at the time of shopping. What is COD

what is cash on delivery

The full form of COD is Cash on Delivery . And that purchase has to be paid for when the product is delivered. When we buy a product from any site, we get many options to make payment such as emi, no cost emi, debit card, credit card etc. and there is also an option of COD. Which means, cash on delivery i.e. payment has to be made on the delivery of the product.

Although we get the option of COD on many products, but it is useless to expect COD on all products. Because COD is not available on all products. Then whatever may be his reason. If you want to buy that product, then you have to pay online only.

But if COD is available then you do not need to pay immediately. Payment has to be made only when you get the product, which has to be given to the delivery boy.

what is pay on delivery

Cash on Delivery and Pay on Delivery both are same. You will see the option of Cash on Delivery or Pay on Delivery on different e-commerce websites, so there is nothing to fear as both are the same.

Why is there no cash on delivery on some products?

If you can’t find the delivery option for a product, it could be for a number of reasons. As the high demand and limited product of that product and cash on delivery was discontinued on most of the products even in the covid period.

How to do cash on delivery

If you are buying any goods from an e-commerce company, then you get many payment options. And if you want to buy any item on cash on delivery, then first of all add the item to your cart and purchase it. Proceed by entering your address etc. and place your order by selecting cash on delivery in the payment method.

In this article you learned what is Cash on delivery and COD full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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