What is CD | CD full form

By the way, this time the use of CD is very less, CD is not required for any work anywhere. But there was a time when CDs were widely used. But even now the children of the new generation do not have any idea about CD.

what is CD

The full form of CD  is compact disc . CD is a molded plastic disc with a reflective metallic layer. Different types of data are stored in it. And that data cannot be seen or read normally. To access the data stored in that CD, a CD drive, CD player is required, in which the data of the CD can be accessed by inserting it.

The laser beam mainly does the work of reading the CD. Which is already installed in CD drive, player which we also know by the name of lens.

who invented the cd

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, something similar happened in the invention of CD, CD was invented by James Russell in 1960. Who was a physicist and James Russell was born in 1931 in Bremerton, Washington.

James Russell obtained his graduation degree in 1953, after which he started working in an electric lab. James was very fond of music and his hobby led to the invention of the CD.

At that time vinyl (Polyvinyl) records were used for music. James Russell also used vinyl to listen to music. But he was very disappointed with the sound quality of his vinyl and this disappointment led to the invention of the CD.

The CD was invented by James Russell in the 1960s, but even then the CD was an unknown thing to the public. Because at that time there was manufacturing of CDs. But in 1982, philips and sony invested on CD because according to that time CD was the best option to store data.

And launched the world’s first CD player named. Sony CDP-101, and this is where the commercial use of CDs began.

Even though at this time CD has become an outdated product but at that time CD used to be a very valuable thing. Because at that time there was no other option for data storage other than CD.

world’s first cd player

The world’s first CD player was the Sony CDP-101 which cost 1000 USD which is a huge amount. And that too for just one CD player, this amount was huge. But over time, the prices of CD players continued to decline.

world’s first cd

52nd Street was the world’s first CD, which cost about 30 USD at the time, and just like CD players, its prices also declined. Because it was not such a product whose cost was very high, but at that time CD was a unique product. That’s why its price remained very high for some time and with the passage of time its price came down.

CD player

CD is not a device that can give us output, CD is just a disc in which we can store data. But if we want to access that data, then we need such a device. Which can read the data stored in CD, if we want, we can also call CD player as CD reader.

Different types of players exist for different types of CDs.

CD की capacity

Although the storage capacity of CD is less than 1 GB, ie only 700 MB but when CD was invented. So at that time CD was a best option for data storage and its capacity was more than other resources.

Although pc cards (Memory cards) were invented in 1980, but at that time no one had a phone. If there was no TV, then who would use the memory card? Therefore, at this time CD was most used for data storage and for storage of various types of media files.

Because everyone could buy a CD player and almost everyone likes to listen to musics. And it was also possible to store audio, video, software programs in CD. So CD started being used a lot in every industry, CD player was needed just to read the data of CD.

Although TV was invented long before the CD, there was no best device for storing TV programs. Which was accomplished by CD and CD player, CD and pc card (Memory card) were invented in almost the same decade. And 1800 – 1882, and that was the decade of a revolution in the electronics industry.

Even though both were invented in the same decade, CDs were widely used for a few decades from the initial decades. Because at that time CDs were used for all kinds of small and big projects. But pc card (Memory card) was used only for big projects.

And the memory card slowly made the CD an outdated product, you can see for yourself. Today memory card is used everywhere, at this time there are two primary means of data storage. Dard drive (Knowledge equipment used in computer), Memory card (an external storage, phone storage), and CD have completely collapsed. Although CD is still used for some programs, but gradually its use is decreasing.

CD vs dvd

Although at this time both CD and DVD are on the verge of collapse, but after the invention of DVD, CD had a lot of influence. Because DVD can store much more data than CD, and its speed is also higher than CD.

The only difference between CD and DVD is that DVD is more capable than CD. Where the maximum storage capacity of CD is 700 MB. At the same time, the highest storage capacity of DVD is 17.08 GB, similarly DVD has many other features.

Although CD was used even after the invention of DVD. But DVD was also used a lot, mostly DVD was used for storing more data. And for short data also CD or DVD was used according to the size of the file. Because the capacity of DVD ranges from 4.7 GB to 17.08 GB.

The reason for less use of cd/dvd

At this time no one needs a CD, be it any work, be it a TV program, a computer program (Software) etc., because at this time all things are available to people to see and use on their smart phones only. There are two main reasons for the downfall of CD, Satellite TV, Mobile, Computer (Internet), because through them we get all kinds of data (Movie, Songs, Games, etc.) for free and that too very easily. .

how many types of cd are there

It is obvious that at the time of the invention of the CD itself, all types of data could not be stored in it. Since it was decided that all types of data can be stored in CD. But the CD was invented mainly to store music of better quality, which was the idea of ​​James Russell.

And in the early decades, first of all Music CD was made and its player too, about which we have given complete information above. And with the increasing time, along with the improvement in CD and CD reader / drive, it became possible to store all types of data.

And depending on the capacity of CD to store different types of data, different names of CD were given. That is, there are many types of CDs, which are as follows.

Audio CD (CD-DA)

This was a primary CD, CD equipment was invented from audio CD itself, it would have been such a CD in which audio was stored. And it was sold, in this CD, apart from audio, no other data could be stored.

In the beginning a very simple audio CD was prepared whose sound quality was also normal, this CD could only store audio. And could be played on the player.

But after some improvement it was able to store data like song name, artist etc. Which is known as CD-T i.e. compact disc text

Due to continuous improvement in CD and CD player, it became possible to store audio as well as graphic (CD-G) in CD. Since as long as CD was available in text version. Till then the information of the song (song name, album name etc.) could be seen only in the CD player.  But after adding graphics, this CD could be displayed on TV, monitor.

But that graphic could not be displayed by normal audio player. Rather, a graphic based CD player was required for that. Which along with audio can also display that graphic on TV, monitor.

And it was here that the foundation of VCD (Video Compact DIsc) was laid, because it was possible to display graphics on TV through CD. But video CD was not developed after CD-G. Rather, CD-EG type CD was prepared after CD-G ie Compact Disc Extended Graphic

After the development of CD-EG, texts, graphics were displayed on TV in the best quality.

Video CD

In 1993, video CD was developed which could store audio as well as video. This CD became very popular in a very short time, and the video CD became the best selling CD.

Super Audio CD

Super audio CD was developed for better sound quality, but still it was just an audio CD.

Super Video CD

The super video cd was a new form of CD as the graphic quality became much better. Because the quality was not very good in the first video version CD, and when the quality was improved, it was given a new name SVCD.

Photo CD

Photo CD was a CD designed by kodak which was used to store photos. About 100 high quality photos can be stored in it, and can be used for various purposes.

CD rom

You may have a lot of doubt about CD rom because rom is attached with it, and mobile/laptops also have rom, so obviously there will be doubt.

These CDs are also like normal discs but they are readable only, no change is possible in them. The data stored in these can be read by the player/CD driver. But you can neither delete the data stored in CD rom, nor can you put any other data in it.

CD rom का full from – Compact Disc Read Only Memory

Recordable CD (cd-R)

By the way, CD is made and provided by the company. But recordable CD was also developed so that any person can record himself very easily. But for this a recorder was required.

That is, if you want to store any data in CD. So you can record through recorder, store in this CD and play on player.

Rewritable CD (CD-RW)

This is a different CD from all other CDs because in all others if you store any data or the company does it. Or if someone does, then there is no problem with it. But you could not store any other data in place of that stored data in it.

But ReWritable CD is very different from them, no matter what data is stored in this CD. But if you want, you can store any other data instead of that data in it.

Some Other CD Types

  • Copy protection
  • Enhanced Music
  • CD-i
  • CD-i Ready

How many minutes of music can fit on a compact disc

It also depends on the quality of music you want to store. If we talk about music of normal quality, then you can store about 80 to 100 music. But if you want to store more high quality music then it will store less music.

In which device is the compact disc used?

You can use the compact disc on a CD player, computer or laptop

In this article you learned what is CD and CD full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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