What is caste | Caste meaning

Caste is a separatism that divides people into different types of castes. And many people also have a lot of jealousy about each other’s castes. what is the meaning of caste

what is caste

Caste is a mode of separatism in which some people are counted among the upper castes. While some are counted among the middle castes, some are considered extremely backward.

what is the use of caste

  • Caste is of no use because caste only divides people. While everyone is the same. But by dividing into castes, some consider themselves very strong, while others consider themselves untouchable.

what is the harm of caste

  • The biggest loss due to caste is discrimination, and it also becomes a reason to keep development somewhere.
  • Because of caste, many people also have to face embarrassment many times.

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