What is bug

Any error in a computer program that is likely to cause errors in that computer program is called a bug. This cannot be denied at all. That all new computer programs have tons of bugs. No matter how advanced the company has made it, but the bugs present in those computer programs are fixed in many updates. So that that computer program starts working better. What is bug

what is bug

Bugs are not created intentionally, but are errors or shortcomings that are left in the making of computer programs. Even the computer programs of large companies running long ago have bugs. A bug in any computer program such as application software or website means that there is a defect in it. It may be that a hacker can stop that computer program for some time, or steal any data, or can damage that computer program in some way. And the type of damage it will cause depends on the type of bug in that computer program.

Finding and fixing a bug is very hard work, it also takes a lot of time. Ethical hackers mainly do the task of finding bugs.

What is the process of removing errors from computer programs called

Removing a bug from any computer program is called debugging or debugging. And if a website is debugged, the user does not know about its debugging. But when debugging a mobile application, the user can get information about that. Because in each update of the app, it is told what improvements have been made in that application. Then there may be a new feature added, bugs fixed, etc.

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