What is BFF | BFF full form

GF BF words are so common that people get to know about them. But very few people have an idea about BFF. And on the basis of very BF, the full form of the word BFF has also been made. But there is a lot of difference between BF and BFF. Only a girl will call you bf or a boy will call you gf, but BFF is a common word. Whom anyone can speak for anyone, no matter who they are. What is BFF?

what’s bff

The full form of BFF  is Best Friend Forever , BFF is someone who likes a lot. And there is a close friendship with him, not only friends, but there is friendship in all relationships as well. If you like someone, then you can feel free to call it BFF. No one will have any objection to the word BFF because BFF is a sweet word. However, if she doesn’t know BFF’s then she might be a bit hesitant about what you have said to her. Although some such words have come in trend recently. Ever since the craze of social media has increased, even before these words were used. But not everyone had special information, but now such words often go viral on social media. Due to which everyone becomes familiar with these words.

who is called bff

There is no limit to say BFF, you can call any person as BFF. Be it your relative, friend, girl or boy, etc. because we call them BFFs. To whom we are attached the most and we never want to lose them.

what to do if someone is calling me bff

It means that the person loves you a lot, and it is your duty to take care of this attachment. And never say anything to him that will hurt him, and if someone calls you BSF. So you can say the same to him in his reply.

In this article you learned what is BFF and BFF full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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