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There are many such moments in the life of every student in which they have to take very tough steps. And one of those moments is study. After completing 12th, every student does appropriate courses according to their interest or convenience. What is B.A.

And BA is one of them, BA attracts many students towards it, BA colleges are available almost everywhere. So that students do not have to go far to do BA.

Other people’s talk is far away, even about 50 – 60% of the students doing BA do not know the full name of BA. So today we are going to give you information about this.

BA is not the only sector that most of the students doing it have no idea about it. Rather, it happens in all the courses that most of the students doing it do not know about its full form. And in this condition apsole will help you, full forms of all the words you need will be found on apsole.com.

What is BA

The full form of BA is bachelor of art i.e. Bachelor of Arts, basically BA is called graduation. But not only BA in graduation courses but many other courses also come.

BA is a graduation course which any student who has completed 12th can do. Then whether he has completed 12th from arts or science, it does not matter.

But if you want to do any other graduation course other than BA. Like bsc, bca etc. the subjects of 12th matter a lot. Because like if you want to do bca then it is necessary to be from 12th math, if you want to do bsc then you must have completed 12th from math, science.

Whatever subject you choose in the first year of BA. With the same subjects, you have to complete the first year and second year.

In BA you have to study with three subjects. And in the final (Third) year you have to leave one subject out of them. And one has to complete BA final year with only two subjects.

We told you above that even if you have completed 12th with any subject, you can do BA, so it does not mean that BA is of no use.

BA may seem like a very short course to you, but BA is also a very important graduation course. You can also consider making your career after doing BA.

If you want to do BA then feel free to do it, it will be very helpful for you in government jobs, but if your interest is in science, technology, engineering. So I will not recommend BA for you, for them you can do engineering diploma, or other graduation courses like bsc, bca etc.

But if you have made up your mind to do a government job, then I would also recommend BA to you. Because you can open the way for government jobs by completing graduation from BA.

By the way, you can apply for government jobs only after completing 12th. And after cracking them, you can also get that government job. But there are many such jobs for which you can apply only after doing BA.

And if you do MA after BA then you can open the way for more government jobs. You can sit in UPSC exams through BA, after doing BA, many government sectors open up for you. You can also do post graduation for more opportunities.

Graduation is necessary for higher posts in banking, many times it happens that promotion is not possible due to lack of graduation. So even if you have got the job, I would recommend that you do BA.

How much is the fee of BA

Although the cost of BA in local areas is very less, but the cost of BA in cities is more than the BA cost of villages. So if you are from village then you can do your BA in half the price of scholarship, that means study as well as earn.

To do BA in the village it will cost you around 3000 – 4000 for 1 year. And you will get scholarship around 7400 INR. So you can calculate how much your total cost can be in doing BA complete (First, second, final year).

But if we talk about cities, then there is a lot of difference in it. You may have to spend around 10,000 – 15,000 per year for doing BA in cities.

But don’t worry BA charges are less at most places. So from where are you and how much is the BA fees here, do tell in the comment.

How many years is BA course

BA is an undergraduate degree in India awarded for a study program in the social sciences or liberal arts or both. BA is an undergraduate study program whose duration is generally three years. And its courses can generally be classified into BA Pass and BA Honors courses.

BA has already been the most preferred undergraduate degree course among those students in India. Those who like to study arts at higher level. And BA degree is also considered as one of the oldest and most popular degree in the world.

BA first year

If you are in BA first year now, then you will get to see many subjects in it. Out of which you will have to choose any three subjects, because in BA first year three subjects are studied.

You have to select three subjects from the subject from which you want to do BA. When you go to enroll in BA, only then you will have to choose your subject. And after this your admission will be done in BA first year.

BA Second year

When you pass in BA first year then your admission will be in BA second year. However, in this you will not have to take admission again. Through collage automatically your admission will be done in BA second year. In this too, like BA first year, 3 subjects have to be studied. The subject which you had chosen for first year while taking admission in BA first year, you will have to study the same in second year also.

BA Third year (Finally year)

When you pass BA second year then you reach BA final year. In this, you will have to leave any one of your three subjects, because in the final year you have to study from two subjects.

Leave the subject which you like a little less than that. If you pass BA final year also then you will be considered as graduate. And you will get the graduation degree of BA.

What are the subjects in BA

Friends, as you may already know that there are many subjects in BA, their number is more than 20. Because of which a doubt remains at the time of enrolling in BA as to which subject to study so that it will be beneficial later on.

  • hindi literature
  • English literature
  • Hindi General
  • English general
  • Environmental studies
  • Elementary Computer
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • physical education
  • public administration
  • Sanskrit
  • Rajasthani
  • economics
  • Home science
  • Defence and strategic studies
  • Fine Arts and Painting Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Mathematics statistics Jeevan Vigyan & Jain Vidhya
  • social work

What is the fee for BA

Around 3000 to 4000 lives in rural areas. While in urban areas its fees can range from 5 to 10000.

what to do after ba

After doing Ba, you have many ways, like if you want, you can prepare for MA or any other post graduation course or government job, because graduation is sought in most of the government jobs.

What is the advantage of doing BA

The biggest advantage of doing Delhi is that for you government jobs increase more than life. Because in this case you have completed graduation, after that you can do post graduation. And you will be able to apply for all level government jobs. And it is often seen that students have to go out to do most of the courses, but you may not have to go far to do BA. Because you can almost find ba colleges in your nearby area only.

In this article you learned what is BA and BA full form. We hope that this information BA meaning in hindi will prove useful for you.

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