What is ATM | ATM full form

The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine . That is, it is an automated machine. Which presents your banking data in front of you without the presence of any representative. Just for that you have to insert the card in the ATM machine. What is ATM?

ATM is such a machine which is present at almost every bank branch. You can withdraw money from your account using ATM. You can check your bank balance.

By the way, people use ATM mainly to withdraw money and to check their balance. But apart from these, many other services are available at ATM. Many services like recharge, applying for loan, depositing money etc.

But it is not necessary that all these features are available in every bank ATM machine. Because the services of all banks are different.

You can use the ATM machine only then. When you have debit card or credit card, without card you cannot use ATM.

If you do not have a debit card (ATM card), then you can apply for a debit card by visiting the base branch of your bank. After applying, you will get your debit card in about 1 – 2 weeks. Which you can use by going to your nearest ATM machine.

It is not necessary that the bank whose debit card you have, use it in the same ATM machine. Rather, you can use any debit card in any bank’s ATM machine.

There are many types of ATM cards and on the same basis their services also differ. Like rupay card, visa card, master card etc.

There is a 4 digit pin to use the ATM, which you have to enter while using the ATM. Without that pin, you cannot do anything with the ATM. And if you forget that pin, you can also reset your pin using the ATM machine.

What are the advantages of ATM

There is probably no need to talk about the benefits of ATMs. That’s how many advantages it has but still let us discuss some of the main points.

Saving time, the work of the bank employee is largely divided by the use of ATM. Due to which bank employees can also work properly. And the customers also do not have any problem because the bank account holder can do many things through ATM only. Such as checking bank balance, withdrawing cash, transferring money. Due to ATM card, we can use net banking, UPI etc. on our mobile also. Due to which we do not even need to go to ATM machine or bank branch. We can withdraw money through ATM machine anytime in 24 hours whereas this is not possible in bank

What are the disadvantages of ATM

If you are well versed with digital things. You know and understand the Internet and online fraud. So ATM is not harmful for you in any way. But if you do not have some idea about online fraud. So it can prove to be very harmful for you.

Many times the problem of ATM card cloning comes due to bank’s security loopholes, or your video gets sued while using ATM. And your ATM PIN gets stolen. And for this Income Tax tampering is done in the ATM machine room. However, no tampering is allowed in the ATM machine room. But if the bank does not pay attention to the security of the ATM machine room, then it is not difficult to do so.

Apart from this, if you have an ATM card, and you make direct payment through net banking or UPI or ATM card. Even then you may have a problem. And this will happen when you install a malicious program on your device or visit a fraudulent website. And use your ATM card on it.

Note: If you do online banking then you also have to be aware of online frauds. So that you never come under the influence of a fraudster, otherwise your bank account may be empty. And if you are aware of the ways to avoid online frauds, then ATM will not harm you in any way.

who invented atm

ATM was invented by John Shepherd Barron in 1967

What is the main function of ATM

The main functions of ATM include withdrawing money, transferring money, checking balance, changing ATM PIN, setting ATM PIN, etc.

How to use ATM

To use ATM, first you have to insert your ATM card in the ATM machine. And after that the ATM machine will ask you for your account type. In which you will be asked what is the type of your account like current account savings account after that. Whether you want to check balance or withdraw, etc., you can choose the option you want. And your ATM PIN will also be asked for confirmation.

When was the first ATM installed in India?

The first ATM in India was installed in 1987 in Mumbai. Which was imposed by HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) bank.

What is the difference between ATM card and ATM machine

A lot of people have a lot of doubt about this. And you also have to remember that ATM doesn’t explain anything. Rather you have to say ATM CARD ATM MACHINE for clarification. In which ATM card means Debit card. And the machine in which ATM card is used is called ATM machine.

From this article you learned what is ATM and ATM full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.