What is ABP | ABP full form

Who does not know about news, everyone likes to watch news. Because through the news, we keep getting the news of the country and the world while sitting at home. So today we will talk about a news tv channel whose name is ABP News. What is the full form of ABP?

What is ABP news

Full form of ABP is  Anand Bazar Patrika,  easily you can understand. That a market is being talked about in this. Means ABP News is based on Anand Bazar location.

ABP News is a very popular news channel in India which was started in 1998. But ABP News itself started working alone in 2012. Because before this ABP news used to work under the leadership of news star tv. Which was known by the name of Star News.

Because star tv used to handle ABP news at that time which was a deal. But since 2012, after the deal was cancelled, Star News has turned into ABP News. And since then ABP News is doing business by itself.

The headquarter of ABP News is located in Noida. ABP News publishes news along with the TV channel as well as on its website, which is https://www.ABPlive.com/

who is the owner of abp news

Aveek Sarkar is the owner of ABP News.

In this article you learned what is ABP News. and ABP full form. We hope that this information will prove useful for you.

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