job for illiterate

This question has been asked many times by people, that I am illiterate, what job can I do. Because those people who are not educated, they often get to hear from people that you are illiterate. You will not get any job. So I would like to tell you that it is not necessary that one who is not educated will not get a job. How will an illiterate get a job?

job for illiterate

As you all would know that to run our life we ​​have to maintain our economy. Because when we do not have money, then we have a lot of problem in maintaining the economy of our family. And as you all would know, we need money to maintain the economy of the family.

And people believe that if we want to earn money. So it is very important for us to be educated. I believe that education is necessary to run our life. But let’s assume for any reason that you could not study then does it mean that if he did not study then he will not get a job. No. It’s not like that.

So most of the people believe that if someone does not study then he will not get a good job. So if you are also thinking that if I did not study, then what can I do to earn money, then friends, it is not necessary to do a job to earn money. There are many such tasks that you are educated. By doing which uneducated people can earn very good money. And can run his family very well.

Apart from doing a job to earn money, there are many other things from which we can earn very good money.

But people do not have the right information about it. And even if the information is there, there are many people who want to do it. So if I talk to you how many ways are there to earn money. So I would like to tell you that you can earn money by doing a job. You can earn by doing your own business, you can earn money by becoming a businessman. You can earn money by joining the campaigns run by the government.

If you belong to the rural area, then as you all would know that you can earn money by joining the Employment Guarantee Scheme run by the Government of India. In which, such as work under the schemes run by the Government of India for the development of rural areas. Road construction, pond construction, canal construction, cleanliness campaign, etc. are run, in which you can earn money by working.

job for illiterate (own business)

Or if you want to join self-employment, then you can open some work in your area. For example –

  • sell gol gappa
  • press clothes
  • baking
  • selling newspapers daily
  • selling tea by setting up a tea stall
  • Booking hotels for others, and earning commission from it.
  • Making food items at home and selling it in the market.
  • do blogging
  • upload video to youtube
  • upload video to facebook page

So there were some about self-employment by which you can make a lot of money. But if you do not like this work too, then you can do many other things. But for that first you have to learn the things you like. Like- you can learn carpenter. You can learn the work of a cobbler, you can learn the work of building a house. Or you can learn painting work, etc. And if you want, you can do any job related to this work or you can start your own work as well. And can earn good money by doing people’s work.

Or if you just want to do a job. So you can become a laborer, or you can go to any nearby companies and find work. There are many companies which give jobs to illiterate people. You can go there and do a job and run your family.

what can an illiterate man do

It is not written anywhere that an illiterate man cannot earn money. Rather, if you see the list of the world’s rich people, then you will find that those who have written less have become the world’s rich people. Because more educated people only do jobs. While less educated men do their business. People go to very good places but if you are not educated at all. Even then you can do many things which have been mentioned above. But now you want to work online. So for this stock market, blogging, uploading videos on YouTube is the best work. Because you can see on youtube. That many people are earning lakhs of crores, out of which many people are very less educated.

In this article you learned job for illiterate. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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