How to withdraw money from ATM

A new user may have a problem with withdrawing money from an ATM. Because the new user does not have this information. How to use ATM card, and how to withdraw money from ATM machine. While this process is as easy as you use your mobile. Make sure you have the ATM card with you, and its PIN with you. Because to withdraw money from ATM, you must have ATM card and its security pin. How to withdraw money from ATM

how to withdraw money from atm

Note: If your ATM is brand new and you have not yet created the security pin for your ATM. So first of all you have to create security pin of your ATM, only then you will be able to withdraw money from ATM. So first of all make your ATM PIN which you can make by going to ATM machine and you can also make temporary PIN from your mobile. Which remains valid only for 24 hours, and then follow the procedure mentioned further to withdraw money from the ATM.

On the ATM machine you will get a screen and next to it you will get some buttons. And you have to click on your desired button from the options you see on the screen. So while installing ATM in ATM machine first it will ask your language. In which you have to press the button right in front of the language. And after that, following all the procedures step by step, you have to press the button in front of them, which task you want to do in the ATM machine.

  1. Select your language by inserting the ATM card in the ATM machine
  2. Select your account type (savings)
  3. (Withdraw) press the withdrawal button
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  5. Enter your ATM PIN

Money will come out in just a few seconds, you pick them up. If you need more amount then you can follow the same process again. And finally, when you start coming out of the ATM machine room, do click on the cancel button.

Some bank’s ATM machine will ask you to take out the ATM. While in the ATMs of some banks, the ATM card has to be kept in the ATM machine till then. Unless you are using an ATM machine. For example, if you want to withdraw your money from Bank of Baroda ATM machine. So after inserting the ATM in the ATM machine, when the ATM machine reads your card, then the ATM has to be taken out. Whereas if you go to the HDFC ATM machine. So you have to keep your debit card in the ATM machine till the end of the process.

How much money can be withdrawn from ATM in a day

Different types of ATM cards are provided in all the banks. And depends on your bank account type and ATM type. How much money can you withdraw from ATM in 1 day? If your ATM is Rupee card, you can withdraw up to 25000 while if your is Visa card of Master card. So your limit increases and it also depends on which bank your account is in. Because the account limit of big bank is more.

Money deducted from ATM but money not withdrawn 

Although this happens in a very rare case, but if something like this happens to you too. That the ATM machine shows transaction complete. When you do not get the cash, then you should immediately complain about it in the same bank branch without delay. And should tell your problem so that your transaction will be processed.

How to check bank balance from ATM 

Note: If you go to ATM just to check your bank balance, then you might end up wasting more time and if you have an ATM card, you can check your bank balance using UPI. We will explain how to create your UPI account and check your bank balance easily from your mobile sitting at home.

  • First insert the ATM card in the ATM machine
  • Choose your language
  • Click on the Check balance button
  • Enter your ATM PIN

Your bank account balance will appear in front of you on the screen.