How to use YouTube

  1. create youtube account
  2. watch and respond to videos
  3. create playlist
  4. Control search and watch history
  5. Download your favorite video
  6. subscribe
  7. create your youtube channel
  8. monetize
  9. share live video
  10. Upload Shorts

how to play youtube

create youtube account

By the way, you will not need a YouTube account to use YouTube normally. Because you can play any youtube video without youtube account. But if you want to use any other feature of YouTube, then you need to have a YouTube account for that. Like if you want to like on a video. Want to comment or report that video. Or you want to upload your own video to YouTube. If you want to use any of the features that are available on YouTube, then you must have a YouTube account. how to use youtube in mobile

YouTube is a product of Google itself, so for this you will not need to create a separate account of YouTube. Rather you have to create a Google account ie Gmail account. And it will also run your YouTube account from Gmail account. And if you’re already logged into your Google account on your phone, you won’t need to login to YouTube. Because the data of your Google account will be automatically synced in your YouTube.

watch and respond to videos

If you watch a video on YouTube, and you like a video. Feel bad or want to give your opinion on a video. So for this there is an option to like, dislike and comment on YouTube, and you can also see this. How many people have liked or commented on that video. And earlier you could also see the number of likes of YouTube videos on YouTube. But due to some reason YouTube has stopped showing the number of video dislikes.

In addition, YouTube allows reporting of videos, any YouTube user can report on any video. So that that report is sent to YouTube, and YouTube checks it manually. After all, what is wrong with that video, and what guidelines of YouTube does that video violate. And if anything like this is found, then that video is removed from that YouTube channel.

create playlist

There are many channels on YouTube which are created by different people. And different types of videos are uploaded on them. But if you want, you can create your favorite videos as a separate list. For which the playlist has been made on YouTube, and if you want, you can also make your YouTube playlist private. Or you can make it public if you want. The advantage of YouTube playlists is that you do not have to search for any favorite video again and again. Rather, you can easily find that video by going to your YouTube playlist.

Control search and watch history

When you watch any video on YouTube, or search for something, its history becomes automatic. Which makes it easier for you to use YouTube, the biggest advantage of this is that if you’ve seen a video before, and you can’t remember its name, you can check it in your YouTube history. Huh. And from there you can play that video. And YouTube uses your history to show you more related videos.

Along with this, whatever you search is also saved in your search history. So that you can easily know what has been searched on your YouTube. And in some conditions YouTube watch and search history can also prove to be harmful for you. If you’ve played a video that you don’t want anyone else to know about. So you can delete it from your YouTube watch and search history. And YouTube also gives us the option to delete all our YouTube history and search history at once. And if you want, you can also disable them permanently, so that YouTube will not create your history.

Download your favorite video

YouTube does not provide the option to download any video to the gallery, nor does it allow downloading in any other way. But YouTube gives the option to download YouTube videos for offline viewing in its application. Which you can play only and only in YouTube application. That video is not saved in the gallery itself. For which you can also decide the quality, in what quality that video should be downloaded.

Although YouTube has not given permission to download any video or song etc. in the gallery. But still there are many such methods, using which people save videos from YouTube in their gallery. If you want, you can also do this, but this method is completely illegal. Because YouTube does not allow it.


There is a red subscribe button on YouTube, which allows us to subscribe to any YouTube channel. So that we can get information about the upcoming videos of that YouTube channel. If you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you will get a notification whenever that YouTube channel uploads a video. And it is optional, you can not turn off the notification if you want.

On the YouTube home page, you are shown different categories of videos from many different channels. Which are based on your interest, but apart from this YouTube gives a separate tab for the subscribed channel. In which only those videos are shown, which are uploaded by your subscribed channel.

create your youtube channel

Along with using YouTube as normal, if you want, you can create your own YouTube channel. And you can upload your own videos. If you want, you can upload long videos or short videos. But your video should be according to YouTube’s guideline, otherwise YouTube may delete your video. Even your YouTube channel can be deleted. So whenever you make the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel, then definitely do about the YouTube policy. So that in future you do not face any problem.


When to start uploading videos to youtube. And your video starts getting good views, and the number of subscribers of your channel also increases. So you can monetize your YouTube channel, so that ads will be shown on your YouTube videos. And you will be able to earn money from the advertisement shown to him. That is, if you can make good videos. If you can bring good content, then understand that you have almost got the job. Because you can make the best videos and upload them to YouTube. And if people like your video then definitely you will be able to earn a lot of money. You can probably earn more money than you would have ever imagined. There are many people who are earning millions of crores every month.

share live video

You can also upload a live video to YouTube, in which the video of your current situation is uploaded, so you can talk to people directly. You can take their feedback, and if you go to a lot of subscribers of the YouTube channel. So you should upload live video at least once or twice a year. Because this increases the attachment of people towards you and more.

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Upload Shorts

Of course you can upload any type of video to YouTube. Whether it is 1 minute or 10 minutes, whether it is 1 hour, but there are two different formats of videos on YouTube. Which one is short, and the other is long. And if you upload a long video and your video gets a lot of views. So you can earn money. But if you upload short videos then you will not earn any special income from it.

how to play youtube without internet

Because all the videos on YouTube are available online. But if you want to use YouTube offline, then the video you want to watch in offline mode. You can download it. After bringing the option to this video, it appears in its feature section.

We hope this information how to run youtube. Will prove useful for you.