How to use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world. Which is used from ordinary person to professional, it is used for general chatting and even business purpose. Many companies also run their business on WhatsApp. And if you also want to use WhatsApp, then here we are giving you some such information. So that it will be very easy for you to stalk WhatsApp. Because until you will not know about all the features of WhatsApp, how to use it. And for what purposes it can be used. Till then you will not be able to use WhatsApp properly. How to run WhatsApp.

how to run whatsapp

  1. create whatsapp account
  2. save mobile number
  3. start chat for the first time
  4. Send videos, photos, text or other files in a message
  5. delete sent messages
  6. Start a video/voice call for the first time
  7. post whatsapp status
  8. Set UPI for Financial Transactions from WhatsApp
  9. Pay attention to your WhatsApp privacy
  10. Stay away from unknown / fraud / spammers

1. Create WhatsApp Account

The most important and first step is to run WhatsApp. That is to have your WhatsApp account. Because without a WhatsApp account, you cannot contact any person through WhatsApp. Neither can send messages, and you must have a mobile number to create a WhatsApp account.

save mobile number

If you want to message someone on WhatsApp. Or if you want to make a video call with him, or want to make a voice call, then the WhatsApp number of that person should be saved in your phone. So first of all save that person’s number by going to your contact. And then refresh by going to WhatsApp New Chat. If the person there uses WhatsApp, then the contact number of that person will appear in your WhatsApp list. You can message him, you can also make video calls.

If you want, you can also message any person on WhatsApp without saving the number. For that you have to use a code or you can save it. A link has to be used which is In this, in place of hash, you have to enter the mobile number to which you want to send the message to the WhatsApp number. And it has to be opened in a browser.

If starting a chat for the first time

When you will create your new account on WhatsApp. So even if you have many WhatsApp contact numbers saved in your mobile number. But you will not see them on your WhatsApp home page. Rather, only those contact numbers appear on the WhatsApp home page, with whom you have previously chatted. So you have to click on the message box on the WhatsApp home page. After that all those numbers will be visible which are saved in your contact. and use whatsapp. You can start chatting by clicking on any of those mobile numbers.

Send videos, photos, text or other files in a message

In WhatsApp, you get the option of attachment. In which you can give photos, videos or any other type of file documents etc. to any person in addition to normal text message. Because it can prove to be very helpful in your business too. For this, just go to the chat of the person to whom you want to send a media file. And attach that file by clicking on the attachment button. Which you want to send to that person, and click on send button.

delete sent messages

The number of users of WhatsApp is increasing very fast. So that WhatsApp company is trying to provide more features and facilities in WhatsApp. And if you send any message to any person by mistake, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Because you can delete any sent message. The person to whom you sent the message. It will also be deleted from him, and he will not be able to see what you sent him.

Start a video/voice call for the first time

WhatsApp provides us with the facility of voice calls and video calls, and this service is absolutely free. For this we do not have to pay any kind of charge. You just need to have internet on your phone, after that you can call anywhere in your own country or abroad. And this is the biggest advantage of whatsapp video call and voice call. That if you want to call abroad from a normal phone, then you have to pay a very high amount. But if you make a call through WhatsApp, you will not incur any charges. Apart from internet connection then it doesn’t matter at all. Whether you are calling in your own village country, or any other country. But there is a disadvantage of WhatsApp calling, if the data connection in your phone remains closed. So if any person calls you, you will not know that anyone is calling you. Rather you will know about this only then,

post whatsapp status

WhatsApp company also provides the option to post status in its WhatsApp messenger. The biggest advantage of which is that if you want to send a post to all your WhatsApp numbers. Or want to show them, then there is no need to send them. Rather you can post your status, and the status will be able to see all the numbers present in your mobile number. And WhatsApp status automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. WhatsApp status doesn’t matter much in normal situations. But if you go somewhere. Or if you want to inform all your contacts about any of your activity, then you can post time to time in WhatsApp status. So that no one will get into trouble. And once you upload the content, all your WhatsApp contacts will be able to see that content.

Set UPI for Financial Transactions from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has also incorporated UPI keeping in mind the needs of its users. So that you can create UTI account using WhatsApp. And you can check the balance of your bank account, or make any kind of payment. But everyone’s use of WhatsApp UPI can prove to be harmful. Therefore, use UPI only when you have got a good knowledge about it. Because if you use UPI, and you don’t know much about UPI. So it may be that you take a wrong step by coming under the guise of a fraudster. And your bank balance becomes empty. Because this is a financial transaction feature, so use it carefully.

Pay attention to your WhatsApp privacy

WhatsApp is used not only for general messaging but also for some private messaging to business level messages. So if you use WhatsApp for normal messaging or just for normal tasks, you don’t need any special privacy. But if you do some private message. Or if you do any business, then it is important for you to implement security in your WhatsApp. So that you do not face any problem in future. For this, WhatsApp has given the option of inbuilt two step verification and fingerprint lock. And if you want more security, you can use an external application, so that you can also enter extra password in your WhatsApp.

Stay away from unknown / fraud / spammers

Because WhatsApp is completely internet based. And you will be surprised to know that there is a lot of fraud on the internet. And if you do not have special knowledge of the Internet, then you should use WhatsApp or any other Internet content very carefully. Because there are many such fraud people too. Which can make you a victim by any malicious link. So that your privacy may be at risk. Which are techniques like spamming or hacking.

block and report

The number of users of WhatsApp is very high. Because of which the option of block is also available on WhatsApp, and if you have any problem with any person. As if any person sends you any indecent content. Or if some unknown person harass you, then you can also block him. And if you think that person is spamming or doing fraud. So you can report that too. And if something is found in your report, that it is proved, that person is a spammer or a hacker. So that number will be blocked by WhatsApp company. So that that person will never be able to use WhatsApp in future.

caution in using whatsapp

Your caution and vigilance is very important in running WhatsApp. Otherwise you may face many types of problems. For example, if you unknowingly join too many groups, then you may have to face a lot of spammers. You may get calls from many unknown numbers. Or if you send any indecent content to any person, then that person can also report you.

We hope this information how to run WhatsApp. Will prove useful for you.