How to use WhatsApp without mobile number

Well, you cannot use WhatsApp without a mobile number. Because to use WhatsApp you need to create an account. And when you want to create your account, a mobile number is required for that. So that your verification can be completed, then it is completely wrong to say that you can create WhatsApp without mobile number. But yes if you don’t want to use your personal mobile number for your WhatsApp account. And want you to get some fake mobile number. So anyway you can create your WhatsApp account by getting virtual mobile number and using it. How to use whatsapp without mobile number.

how to use whatsapp without mobile number

There are many websites and applications that provide virtual mobile numbers. For which you just have to go to which website. And there you have to get a mobile number. After that, while creating your account on WhatsApp, you have to enter the mobile number in it. And on that application itself, you also get the code of WhatsApp verification of that mobile number. And after that your WhatsApp account is created and ready.

You will get a virtual mobile number, and you will be able to use your WhatsApp from it. But buying a virtual mobile number is more expensive than buying a physical mobile number. And different companies have their own rules, such as that mobile number will be active for only 1 month in ₹ 1000. Whereas we get physical mobile number at cheap prices for life time.

Get Virtual Mobile Number from Textme

  1. First of all go to Google Play Store and search for the application in the text and install it.
  2. Next open the application and click on Get Started
  3. Click on Google Account Click on Allo
  4. Now select your email account using whose account you want to create your account on this application
  5. solve captcha code
  6. Click on numbers on the right side and click on “Get a first phone number”
  7. Select country Country whose mobile number you want
  8. Few mobile numbers will appear which you want to take click on it
  9. Right now we will show you some plans, for how many days you want to buy that mobile number. Click on that plan and complete the payment

you will get that mobile number

Get Virtual Mobile Number from Wabi

The advantage of this application is that it gives 7 days free trial. But to create an account, you have to enter your payment details. Only after that your free trial will start, so if you are interested in this application. And want to get virtual mobile number then follow this procedure.

But you cannot use WhatsApp with wabi virtual mobile number. Rather you have to use WhatsApp Business.

  1. Install Wabi App
  2. Open the app and click on Continue
  3. Click on Get a virtual phone number
  4. Continue by entering your email address
  5. Verify by entering OTP on your email
  6. Select a country code
  7. Click on Pick to continue in free trial
  8. Enter your payment details and click on start free trial

Now the mobile number of the country code you have selected will be activated for you. And you can create your account by putting it in WhatsApp Business Application. And the verification code will come on your wabi app.

how to use whatsapp without mobile number

  1. Get your virtual mobile number
  2. Open your WhatsApp and create your account by entering that virtual mobile number
  3. The verification code will be received in your version mobile number provider application. Enter it and complete the verification

Your WhatsApp account will be closed and ready. Now you can use this WhatsApp account as your primary WhatsApp account.

You cannot use whatsapp without mobile number. But you can get a virtual mobile number because you can call your primary number. And our suggestion would be that it is better to get your version mobile number than to get your secondary mobile number. Which you will get at cheap prices, and you will be able to make better use of it. While virtual mobile numbers cannot be used in the manner.

how to use whatsapp from whatsapp web without mobile number

Note: With this process, two phones will be able to use WhatsApp from the same mobile number. That is, you will be able to control the same WhatsApp account from two different phones.

Another way to use WhatsApp without mobile number is whatsapp.web. But in this condition, you will be able to use WhatsApp in another phone using one of your phones without any other mobile number. For which you can use any browser or whatsapp web application if you want. If you only want to use it once or twice, then the browser is better for you. But if you want to use continuously, for that you have to install whatsapp web application on your phone.

  1. Install Whatsapp web application on your phone
  2. Continue by opening the application
  3. Go to your other phone which has WhatsApp running
  4. Click on three dot click on linked device Click on link a device
  5. Scan the QR code of that other phone which is displayed on the whatsapp web app

After this, the same WhatsApp will use in both phones, and can always use WhatsApp in the main phone. In which original WhatsApp is installed. But in which you have installed the WhatsApp web application, there will be many limitations in it, you will not get the same services as the original WhatsApp. And if the data connection gets stopped in the phone with the original WhatsApp. So you will not be able to use WhatsApp in a phone with WhatsApp Web.

how to make foreign whatsapp

When you create WhatsApp from any foreign mobile number, it is automatic foreign WhatsApp. So in this case you have to buy a virtual mobile number. Because the answers buy virtual mobile numbers, you can buy mobile numbers from different countries like America Australia or many other different countries. But if we talk about the mobile number of one thing, then you can buy only the mobile number of your country i.e. SIM card from your nearest shop.

So to create a foreign WhatsApp account you need to buy a virtual mobile number. Which is from another country and all virtual mobile number providers provide mobile numbers of different countries. And it depends on you which company’s mobile number you want to buy. Their country code will appear at the beginning of all version mobile numbers while registering. Also, the name of that country is also written, such as if you want to get a virtual mobile number of America. So mobile number will start from +1 in it.

how to make fake whatsapp id

If you use a normal one, you don’t need any fake WhatsApp ID. Because creating fake WhatsApp ID is not that easy either. And the reason for this is that you must have a mobile number to create a WhatsApp account. So if you want to create a fake WhatsApp account, you must have a fake mobile number. Which you can buy virtually, but buying a virtual mobile number can be very expensive for a normal user. So if you need to use multiple WhatsApp, you can buy multiple SIM cards according to your need. And from them you can use many WhatsApp in a single phone.

Can two whatsapp be use from the same number

No, it is not possible to use two WhatsApp from one mobile number, for example. If you are using your WhatsApp in any phone, and want to use WhatsApp in any other phone using that mobile number. So when you will create your WhatsApp account with the same number in another phone, the WhatsApp of your old phone will be closed automatically. And the new mobile on which you will verify your mobile number on WhatsApp will be activated on it. And a notification will come on your old phone’s WhatsApp that you have logged in somewhere else using that mobile number.

how to use whatsapp without any mobile number

If you want to use WhatsApp without any mobile number i.e. using physical mobile number or virtual mobile number. So it is not impossible, because to create a WhatsApp account, you have to go through a verification process, after that your account is activated. Even if you have that mobile number only for a few minutes, even if it is only for seconds, it doesn’t matter much. All you need is that verification code. Which is sent to the mobile number entered by you.

We hope this information how to use whatsapp without mobile number. Will prove useful for you.