How to use the phone if back button not working

If the navigation button of your phone i.e. back button, home button is damaged. So there may be more problem in using your own phone. Because this too once you open an application, you will not be able to close it. Because your navigation button is damaged, then you can get your phone’s navigation hardware button made if you want. But you have another option for this. Which is navigation application. You can add back button and home button to your phone through navigation application. And that too at no cost, and this navigation button will work just like the original button on your phone. How to use the phone if the mobile button is damaged.

how to fix mobile back button

There are many situations where the navigation button of the mobile is damaged. In some conditions only the navigation button stops working. And in some cases touch stops working instead of navigation button. But in both cases the navigation application works very well. After setting the navigation button with the help of navigation application, you can optimize the top and bottom of the screen according to it. You can increase or decrease its size, you can change its color.

How to fix if the back button is damaged

  1. First of all go to google play store and install navigation application
  2. Open the application and click on Go To setting
  3. Click on Navigation Bar and click On
  4. Go back to that navigation application, and turn on the navigation bar button

Navigation button has come at the bottom of your mobile. Which includes back button home button and recent button, and this button is the default button given by that application. With which you can also adjust according to your mind.

How to fix the position of the back button

If the touch of your mobile is damaged in the place where the back button and all other buttons remain. So you will not be able to use that button even after installing the navigation bar application. Rather, for that you have to first adjust the position of your button. And it has to be kept in that place, where your touch works well, so that you can use that button.

button height

  1. Open the Navigation Bar application and adjust the button height label
  2. Leveling the right side will increase the size of your button, and moving the left side will make the button site smaller.

If your mobile touch is not working properly. So by using this method you can scroll back button anywhere in your mobile.

Down up

If the touch of the bottom of your mobile is not working, then use this tool to move the navigation button up and down.

  1. go into your navigation bar button and adjust the up/down label
  2. By turning the level to the right, your button will move upwards and by moving the level to the left, the button will come from the bottom.

Place your phone’s navigation button in a place where your touch works best.

How to change the color of back button of mobile

If you use the back button through the navigation bar app, its color may bother you a bit. That’s why you need to adjust the color of your navigation buttons.

  1. Open your navigation outside application
  2. Click on Background and set the transparency to zero
  3. Click on color and select your favorite color

However, if you want, you can also set the transparency as per your wish. For example, if you want, you can set the transparency of your navigation buttons to white. And the button color can be selected black or any other color. However if you put your button in the bottle of your phone, set any color it doesn’t matter. But if you adjust the navigation buttons up/down in your screen, you should keep the transparency zero. Because in this case there is no background color in the button, so that you will be able to use your phone without any hindrance.

how to turn mobile back button right or left

You can also replace your back button with the recent button by using the navigation bar buttons. And you can also replace the recent button with the bike button.

  1. Open your navigation bar application
  2. Click on Swift back and reset button

Now the position of your navigation button will change. If it is on the right it will be on the left, and if it is on the left side then it will be on the right side.

how to change back button style

If you are using the default navigation button of the phone i.e. back button. So you cannot change its color. But if you are using the navigation bar button, then you can change the style of your back button. And a total of 28 themes are available in this.

  1. Open your navigation bar app
  2. Click on Theme
  3. There are total three unlocked themes click on the one you want to do
  4. If you want to use other themes, click on Unlock
  5. You will be shown ads and other themes will be unlocked
  6. Now click on the team you want to set in your navigation button
  7. And if you want to keep all the buttons in the navigation bar of your mobile in different designs. So enable Custom button
  8. and click on the button of your favorite style

In this article you learned how to fix back button of mobile. And if the back button of the mobile is damaged then how to use the phone. We hope this information will prove useful to you.