How to upload video on YouTube

You must have a YouTube channel to upload videos to YouTube. You cannot upload videos directly to YouTube without a YouTube channel. And creating a YouTube channel is absolutely free, you can create your own YouTube channel very easily. Whether you want to upload videos from YouTube mobile application or from browser or computer. How to upload video on youtube.

how to upload video from computer to youtube

  1. Open youtube and click on your dp
  2. Click on Your Channel
  3. Click on Upload Video Select the video and upload
  4. Publish by entering title, description and tags

 how to upload video from phone to youtube

  1. Open YouTube app and click on +
  2. Click on Upload a Video Option
  3. Select the video you want to upload from your phone
  4. Enter the title and description, you can also tag it if you want.
  5. Click on Upload

how to upload short video to youtube

You can publish by making small videos in YouTube shorts. Many people have become famous on YouTube overnight by making shorts videos. This helps a lot to grow the channel, and shorts videos go viral on YouTube very fast. In this you can make a video between 15 and 60 seconds. And you can add your favorite music to it

  1. open youtube and click on +
  2. Click on Create a short
  3. Your camera will be open, if you want, you can record video using front camera or back camera. Or you can directly upload any video from your storage to shorts video.
  4. Add music from YouTube Music after recording video
  5. enter title
  6. Click on Upload

how to upload live video to youtube

If you have just created a channel and you are thinking that I should do live streaming immediately. So you cannot do live streaming, because to do live streaming in YouTube, you have to fulfill some of its conditions. for example

  • Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers to do live streaming. If it is not so then you cannot do live streaming.
  • Your channel hasn’t been banned from live streams within the last 90 days
  • Your YouTube Channel must be verified
  1. open youtube and click on +
  2. Click on go live
  3. Set the thumbnail
  4.  Start live streaming by clicking on Live Option

Keep in mind that while live streaming your net speed should be fast, otherwise it may affect the video quality.

Benefits of uploading videos to youtube

YouTube is one such social media platform, which has innumerable benefits. Knowing which you will be surprised that can we ever get such benefits from YouTube. If you also want to set your carrere by uploading videos on YouTube. So don’t think, start working on it. Because many people are uploading their videos on YouTube today. After all, why do people upload their videos on YouTube, what will they get by doing so? You must have thought that what are the benefits of uploading videos on YouTube. Believe me, knowing its benefits, you would also like to upload videos on YouTube, so let’s know its benefits.

  • You can earn lakhs of rupees a month just by uploading your video on YouTube which is 100% correct.
  • You can make your mark by uploading videos on YouTube.
  • You can earn money by promoting your or any other company’s products by uploading videos on YouTube.
  • You can help others by uploading videos on YouTube.

This is often the purpose of people uploading videos to YouTube. To earn money from this and make your own identity if you have any talent in you too. Which is different then you can definitely earn a lot of money and name fame from YouTube.

video type

If you want to set up your career on YouTube, then what kind of videos can you upload on YouTube. It is important to know about it, for this it has been told by YouTube. What type of video can you upload?

You can upload any type of video on YouTube. But you cannot upload some types of videos to YouTube. You can not upload any kind of inflammatory and obscene videos on YouTube, so that any kind of evil can arise in the society. This type of video is banned. Apart from this, you can upload videos related to education and everything else on YouTube. You can upload content in the area in which you have good knowledge.

what is the right time to upload a video to youtube

There is no right or wrong time to upload a video to YouTube. But you should try to upload videos when your audience is online. That is, the time of day, and if the right time of day is talked about, then you can upload videos between 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the morning. And if want to upload in second meeting, then upload between 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

In this article you learned how to upload videos to YouTube. And how to earn money by uploading videos on youtube. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.