How to type in hindi on WhatsApp

Everyone knows that whatsapp is a very used social app. But many people are troubled by the fact that they cannot write anything in Hindi language in whatsapp. And they also want to know that how can we write in Hindi in WhatsApp. How to write in hindi in whatsapp.

how to write in hindi in whatsapp

See, first of all, know that any app like – whatsapp, facebook messenger, hike etc. If there is any app, then the language of writing in it is the default. There is no internal languages ​​to write in any app. You can not only write in hindi in whatsapp in this way, but you can type in this way in any app/website or any other place where you want to type in hindi.

And we will tell you two ways to type hindi me in whatsapp here, you can use whatever you like to type hindi in your whatsapp.

how to write in hindi on whatsapp

  1. Go to the setting of your phone and scroll down and click on language & inputWhatsapp me hindi me kaise type kare jankari
  2. You can select your keyboard by clicking on current keyboard
  3. You will find Android keyboard written just below the current keyboard, click on it and click on languagesWhatsapp me in hindi me kaise type kare puri
  4. enable hindi language
  5. Click on the enable button in front of Hindi, which will enable Hindi language in your Android keyboard.Whatsapp in hindi me kaise type kare,
  6. go to whatsapp
  7. type something
  8. Click on language changer and click on Hindi Whatsapp me hindi me kaise type kare

Now start writing like hello in Hindi, then write hello and it will automatically write hello.

Now whatever you want to chat in Hindi, go to that contact, and click to type the message. And then the android keyboard will come in front of you. In which now it is coming to type in English and if you have noticed, then you will see that an extra option has come in the android keyboard which is circular.

You click on this circular option, after clicking on it, your English keyboard will be changed to Hindi keyboard. Meaning that now you can type in hindi in your whatsapp. And you can chat with your friends through whatsapp in hindi language.

For this you have to download a keyboard separately. And if you use this keyboard in your whatsapp or anywhere else in Hindi, then you can type very fast and save your precious time.

  1. Go to playstore and search google indic keyboard and install
  2. Go to Settings > Language & input
  3. Click on current keyboard and click on choose keyboardWhatsapp me hindi me kaise likhe Jankar kaise
  4. In front of google indic keyboard click on enable button and click on ok
  5. Open google indic keyboard app.
  6. swipe left
  7. Click on select input method
  8. select google indic keyboard
  9. Click on the next button by ticking the accept box
  10. Choose a theme for your keyboard and click on get started
  11. open whatsapp and start typing
  12. Just click on language option beside abc
  13. By clicking on the language change option, select the Hindi language and click on OK


Just now you start typing

As you type – hello then this keyboard automatic will write it in Hindi

That is, if you keep typing in hinglish, your whatsapp font will be written in Hindi.

Apart from this, there are many other Hindi keyboards. If you want, you can download them from playstore. And with that you can write in hindi in your whatsapp.

In this article you learned how to write in Hindi in WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.