How to tweet on twitter

Twitter is a very famous social media site, and it has attracted you too. Because now you too have become inclined to tweet, by the way, tweeting is very easy. But maybe you are a beginner, so you are having trouble with this, How to tweet on twitter.

No problem, you can learn how to tweet on Twitter through this article of ours. By the way, you have to write your content by going to Twitter normally. Like you do on Facebook. But you will get this only if you have a Twitter account.

Tweet is also a simple post in a way. Like other sites, such as facebook, linkedin etc. So if you do not have a Twitter account, then first create your Twitter account.

How to tweet on twitter

  1. Open your Twitter mobile app and click on the text box.
  2. Write your tweet, or if you want, you can also add photos by clicking on the photo option
  3. After writing tweet click on Tweet button

Your tweet will be posted on Twitter, which you can probably get to see on the homepage as well. But if you don’t find your tweet on the Twitter homepage, you can go to your Twitter timeline.

All your tweets will appear on your Twitter timeline. Whether you have tweeted them today or a long time ago. To learn on your Twitter timeline, click on your profile picture on the homepage. You will be taken to your Twitter timeline.

You can see your tweets by scrolling the page.

how to tweet on twitter from computer

  1. Twitter open kare
    and click on text box and write your tweet
  2. Click on Tweet button

You can post as many tweets as you want with the same process. And you can also delete them if you want. And we have already done the information about deleting tweets in a post, so maybe there is no need to tell you again in this post.

# Tweet

Hashtags are used on Twitter to mention content from whom. For example, if you make a tweet in which to mention a particular item or a profile. So for that we will use # like #apsole. After doing so, this text will become a link. And when any person will banana on that text then the search result of that text will appear. And on this basis there is also a trend on Twitter. When more people simultaneously use a hashtag on a single word, that word becomes trending.

@ Tweet

If you want to include any person’s profile in your Twitter post. So you can use @ for that, like say if you want to mention apsole profile in your twitter post. So you can mention something like this @apsole and after posting this text will become a link. And when any person will click on this link, then that person will direct to apsole twitter profile.

In this article you learned how to tweet on twitter. And how to use Twitter. We hope this information will prove useful to you.