How to turn on location

However, if you want to share your live location in the latest phone at this time. If you want to see your current location, you have to turn on Location of your phone. But those earlier phones could see the location in Google Maps without even turning on the location. But in that condition Google Map could not tell our actual location. And if you also have such a phone, and you want to share your location with someone, then first you should turn on the GPS location of your phone. Because if you do not do this, then the wrong location will go to that person. And if you have the latest phone then you don’t have to worry. Because in the latest phone without location enabled, you cannot share live location. How to turn on Location.

how to turn on location

  1. Go to your phone’s settings or move shortcut center up/down
  2. Click on LocationLocation button ko chalu kare
  3. Enable Location button, make sure you data connection should also be on during this time

Your phone’s location is enabled, now you can find your actual location using Google Maps, and you can even share it.

how to turn on location from phone settings

Although the location option is present in the shortcut center in all Android phones, but if you are having problems with the location option in the shortcut center, then you can turn on location by going to your phone’s settings.

  1. go to phone settings
  2. Scroll down the page and click on Location
  3. turn on location button

Your phone’s location will be turned on, and make sure you need to turn on location. Because if you keep location on for no reason, it can increase your battery consumption. So turn on location only when you need it like when you want to send your live location to someone. Or you want to see the location, or want to use any such website. Jokie uses location such as hotel website etc.

How to see location

You must have Google Maps installed on your phone to see the location. And if you use an Android, then of course you already have Google Maps installed on your phone.

  1. turn on google map
  2. , Click on the button, Google Maps will ask you to enable Location, Click OK

Now your live location will be visible, the location of the place where you will be present will be visible. But make sure that you have turned on the location of your phone. By the way, at this time whenever you want to see live location, you will have to turn on location. Without turning on location, you will not be able to see the live location. But if you have an outdated Google Map, you might not be asked to turn on Location. Because many times it has been seen in many devices that Google Map shows the location without turning on location. But in that condition Google is not able to show the actual location. Due to which a lot of confusion arises. So before ever seeing live location, turn on your location.

In this article you learned how to turn on Location. We hope this information will prove useful to you.