How to take screenshot in mobile

Screenshot is a very unique feature of all devices, through which we can capture any task. Just like a photo, that is, whatever is going on on our screen, we take a photo of it. And you can also take screenshot in your phone but you may not take screenshot in some applications. Because there are many such applications, which do not allow taking screenshots in their app. And the reason for that is that it is very sensitive information. Such as banking or any other financial application etc. How to take screenshot in mobile.

How to take screenshot in mobile.

If your phone’s power button and volume button are working properly, then you can take a screenshot of your screen through them. Regardless of which company’s phone you are using, this process remains the same in all companies’ phones. You can use the same method for all phone companies.

  1. Go to the application or program you want to take a screenshot of
  2. Press your phone’s power button and volume down button together

Your phone will take a screenshot of that program, if you want you can check it by going to your gallery, that screenshot will be present in the screenshot folder.

How to take screenshot with three finger

Three finger screenshot is very best way, so to take screenshot and you can take screenshot in that condition also by using this method. When your phone’s power button or volume button is not working. Because for this you will not need any button. Rather, you can take a screenshot by touching the screen of your phone, but this method does not work in all phones. And it may be that phones of different companies work in different ways.

  1. First go to the program you want to take a screenshot of
  2. Speed ​​things up by keeping your three fingers on the screen. If doesn’t work then from below.

Screen shot of your mobile screen will be done but a trick may not work in your phone. Because this feature is not present in all phones. And if it is not present in your phone, then you can also take a screenshot of them from your mobile using the application.

How to take screenshot from app

Although you can easily take screenshots through all the call me power buttons and volume buttons. And then fingers also work almost in the phone sometimes but many old model phones did not have screenshot with power and volume buttons. And 3 finger also didn’t work that if you have any such phone. In which you are not able to take screenshot, then you can take screenshot using the app.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and install Screenshot Capture
  2. Open the app and give permission by clicking on Allow. And complete the setup.
  3. An icon of that application will appear on your screen. And you can move it anywhere on your screen and this icon will always be visible on your phone. Then whether you are using YouTube, you have opened Facebook or you have opened any application, it will always be visible.
  4. Just click on the icon to take a screenshot and the screenshot will be created.

If your phone gets through more buttons and volume buttons then it is a good thing. But if not, then you can use the screenshot capture app. Because your phone does not have a power button or the fingerprint sensor does not work. Or even if there is any problem, the screenshot capture app will work well and you will be able to take screenshots.

In this article you learned how to take mobile screenshot. We hope this information will prove useful for you.